It’s that time of year again when we take a day to honor our fathers. Papa Bear works hard all year round to support the family in a multitude of ways and so we take one day to say “thanks dad”! So what does good ole dad really want for his special day this year? Well, people always say it’s the thought that counts so let’s do some thinking.

Chances are your father is not all that difficult to figure out in terms of gifts or ideas that will make his day special. I am going to assume that for most fathers you can keep it Father's Day Orlandoreally simple. Of course you can always go with gifts like: a new tool, a fishing pole, maybe a bike or a nice accessory for his pick-up truck. These are staple items that always get the job done. Memorabilia or apparel from his favorite sports team is always a winner. How about that gym membership that he keeps talking about? That one is a bit more of a risk so make sure he would actually use it! Another great idea is a good picture of dad with the kids in a nice manly frame for the office. A massage sounds nice! Does the family have plans to attend church on Sunday? Maybe take dad out to his favorite lunch spot after church and then make plans to watch a good dad movie once you get home.

Of course you can always think outside the box too when it comes to getting him something special. Maybe go for something that cost little to no money. For example, what does “me time” look like for your father? Think about what he would love to do but never has time to do because of house work, yard work, work work, and any other responsibilities that prevent him from his favorite activity. Maybe this simply means a quiet nap, making time for him to go fishing, or to dive into that book that he hasn’t had a chance to pick up. Dads love to eat of course! So maybe a great gift is his favorite meal. Order him that pizza full of meat with some wings on the side or a fresh batch of homemade cookies always does the trick!

The truth is most dads don’t need much and ultimately it is the thought that counts. Therefore I believe for the father in your life a little acknowledgement and a thoughtful gift from the heart will do just fine.

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