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Are you a person of faith? Is it important to you that you find a Christian Counselor who understands your spiritual beliefs and principles?  Counseling & Therapy with Orlando Christian Counseling knows the importance of spirituality and the relationship with God as the center of core values.

Life Counseling Solutions Counselor, Scott Thigpen, has experience not only in clinical psychology. But he also knows the importance of applying Biblical standards and principles to everyday life.  Many people are not surprised to find out that their symptoms such as stress. Also, sadness, lack of motivation, worry, and relationship challenges can be rooted in spiritual challenges.Scott Thigpen

What is Orlando Christian Counseling?

Orlando Christian Counseling is a counseling program that inspires individuals, couples, & families to deal with emotional or relational difficulties through the use of licensed Christian Counselors basing their therapy approach on Christian principles.  In doing so, this will enable individuals to use the practical insight to refocus the direction of their life and to make meaningful changes to feel better, make healthy choices, and be at peace within themselves.

Who needs a Counseling Service?

If you or someone you know is experiencing stress, pressure, confusion. And needs direction that is rooted in Christian Biblical principles, then Orlando Christian Counseling can help!

A few other Key Areas that Orlando Counseling can help:

  • Failing Relationship or Marriage
  • Spiritual emptiness or no real purpose in life
  • Unresolved conflict in your family or work life
  • Anxiety, depression, or panic
  • Unexplained sadness or hopelessness 

When should I get Christian Counseling in Orlando FL?
The best time to get Orlando Counseling, with our Therapist Scott Thigpen, is when you are facing the above or any other issue where your faith is being considered is very important to you and your family.

Scott Thigpen offers a COMPLIMENTARY face-to-face consultation because he knows the importance of connecting with an experienced Christian counselor who can help you find real solutions in your situation.