How to Make a Happy New Year and Accomplish your Goals!

Happy New Year! Let’s analyze this expression that we hear and say so often. Happy. That’s the goal for the New Year isn’t it? I mean, we have goals and New Year’s Resolutions but the ultimate goal that we aim to achieve if we achieve our goals is that first word, happy, right? 2nd word, New. Yes, renewal. NEW. We’re done with the old: old ways of thinking, feeling, old way of looking, old habits. New! New is what we want! Year. Yes, we have one year to make this happen. (Only one year? We better get started!) This is the YEAR to make it all happen! So how? We often give up on our resolutions after a few weeks, so how do we keep them going strong for a whole year? These tips and tricks can help you have a truly Happy and truly New Year.


Commit and re-commit.

Commit to your goal. No matter what it is, commit. How? Every single day commit to your goal in three ways: first, define the goal. My goal is _____________. This keeps the goal fresh in your mind DAILY. Second, imagine what it would be like to have the goal. Feels good doesn’t it? Third, imagine NOT having the goal done. Ask yourself, how would I feel for this year to end and not have achieved this? If it’s not a big deal you may have to re-evaluate your goal. It’s important to do this daily so you don’t (conveniently) forget your goal one day.

There are no short cuts.

Success doesn’t happen overnight. Success is the accumulation of getting a little better, a little at a time. Day by day. Be patient. Believe that the results you are looking for will come, but in time. If you focus on this and use it as a mantra it will encourage you to do something, just a little something, every single day. Consistency is key to your success.

Believe in yourself and use positive self-talk.

When doubt enters your mind immediately reaffirm yourself by saying, “I can do this.” Be aware of any self-defeating thoughts or any doubts. Squash them quickly. We’re all human so it will happen. It’s important not to dwell. Just go back to step 1 and imagine, but what if I did achieve it? Here’s an awesome article about self-talk and ways to build positive self-talk:

Keep these three tricks in mind every day, day after day, week after week, month after month and then you can look back at today from next December with a big smile on your face. Remember, you can do it. If you need further assistance with goal setting or combating negative self talk feel free to reach out to us at 407-622-1770. We hope 2017 is a wonderful year for you! It most definitely can be!

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