About Marilyn Shaw: Empowering Women through Therapy and Faith

Marilyn Shaw has a rich history of empowering women, both as an acclaimed author and a trusted confidante. Her journey began as a licensed cosmetologist, where she offered not only beauty services but also a compassionate ear to the women who visited her. Through their shared stories and experiences, Marilyn was able to offer hope, instilling courage and confidence in each individual.

Transitioning from her role as a cosmetologist, Marilyn now dedicates her time and energy to the field of mental health, working towards her Clinical Counseling degree at Emporia State University. She brings her empathetic listening skills to the therapy couch, providing support for women dealing with various mental health issues, including self-esteem, anxiety, depression, grief, and trauma.

In addition to her counseling work, Marilyn is the proud founder of Faitherapy, a nonprofit organization that aims to bridge the gap between faith and mental wellness for women. Through this platform, she fosters open discussions about mental health within the faith community, breaking down barriers and challenging stigma.

Her work doesn’t stop there. As the host of the Faitherapy Podcast, available on Apple Podcast and Spotify, Marilyn continues to facilitate critical conversations about mental health with therapists and faith influencers. Her goal is to create a safe space for dialogue, promoting understanding and acceptance for mental health within the faith community.

Marilyn’s commitment to mental health advocacy, combined with her business acumen, earned her a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Marketing from St. Petersburg College. Today, she uses this knowledge to expand her reach and influence, helping more women find the courage to redefine their lives.

Marilyn Shaw is more than just a counselor intern at Life Counseling Solutions; she is a beacon of hope for countless women navigating life’s challenges. She embodies the ideal blend of empathy and expertise, guiding women towards a future of renewed strength, restored faith, and redefined purpose.