Orlando Marriage Counseling – Sometimes all you need is an unbiased person. A person to mediate and facilitate a healing journey between the two of you. That is exactly what your Orlando counselor is here to do for you and your spouse!OrlandoCouplesCounselor

Who Needs Orlando Marriage Counseling?


There are several indicators that might tell you it’s time to seek some professional help:

  • Poor Communication – Does it seem like the two of you just don’t understand each other? Do you feel like your partner is not able to listen or express him/herself? Counseling can definitely help you both build the skills. The skills you need to strengthen your communication.
  • Finances – Finances are one of the major reasons couples argue. However, Being on the same page in regards to your finances is key in your marriage. Although You may differ in your views of money it is not impossible to find a healthy balance that will satisfy both of you.
  • Children – Is one of your children experiencing an issue you do not quite know how to deal with? Or is your child keeping you from the quality time you need with each other? Whatever the issue may be, your counselor is here to help you work through it.
  • Holding on to the Past – Are you struggling with holding on to something that is in the past? Does it seem like you just can’t let go of it?
  • Sex Life Has Significantly Changed – Your intimacy with your partner is one of the most important aspects of your marriage. However, Many couples face challenges in regards to intimacy throughout their marriage so do not be embarrassed about reaching out for help.
  • You Love Your Spouse – It may sound silly but whatever the issue may be. Although, It is definitely an act of love to reach out for help and try to overcome the challenges you are currently facing.

What to Expect In Orlando Marriage Counseling?

  • The Orlando counselor will first want to identify the problems. The Problems on which both the husband and the wife will need to be willing to talk about significant issues; be as accurate and open as possible.
  • The Orlando counselor may ask each spouse. How they feel about their current relationship and what they want to change about it. This lets the Orlando counselor know if either spouse is unwilling to change or desires to divorce. This can also lead to a discussion of the couple’s expectations. The expectations for their marriage and how those expectations have or have not been fulfilled.
  • Clear and honest communication is often a significant problem. Many couples do not have good skills in this area. An Orlando counselor will observe a couple’s interactions. The Interaction to discern any unhealthy ways they relate to each other. He/she can help the couple establish better communication habits.
  • An Orlando counselor may want to discuss how a couple resolves the conflict. People learn different methods of handling disagreements from their childhood environment. What is considered “fair fighting” in one household may be unfair in another. An Orlando counselor can explain how to disagree in a respectful and non-aggressive manner. And help the couple develop their own “rules” for resolving conflict.
  • The Orlando counselor may wish to have a session with the husband and wife separately. This gives each spouse the chance to speak openly. To speak about their feelings and concerns. And allows the Orlando counselor to address issues with them privately. That might be difficult to address in front of their spouse, such as sexual struggles.
  • Many Orlando marriage counselors like to explore a couple’s family and personal histories to determine where bad patterns of relating came from. Although, Their training enables them to uncover the roots of faulty behavioral patterns and help people learn better responses and habits.
  • Personality inventories are sometimes used by Orlando counselors to show couples how their natural personality styles influence their marriage.
  • Forgiveness is a major hurdle in any marriage since it’s impossible for two people to live together without offending each other. Offenses, whether small or large, create barriers and must be addressed. Learning how to give and receive forgiveness is a very important aspect of true love and maybe a major focus of marriage counseling.
  • You can expect an Orlando marriage counselor to help you set some measurable goals to work toward. And to give you “homework” – assignments of some sort that will reinforce. Or apply what was discussed during the counseling session.

Marriage is hard work. There are always going to be ups and downs in your relationship. You will be faced with many trials. Some are more challenging than others. Some may be so foreign to you that you do not even know how to handle them. Asking for help is never a bad idea. Do not be discouraged by what you are going through. As long as you are both willing to put forth the effort. You will be able to get back on track.


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