Melissa Madsen, Student Counselor Intern

Melissa Madsen, Divorce & Relationship Counselor Intern

At Life Counseling Solutions, we are committed to fostering a team of professionals who not only bring exceptional skills and knowledge to their practice but also embody the qualities of empathy, compassion, and a genuine dedication to supporting others.  With great enthusiasm, we welcome Melissa Madsen to our team as a Student Counselor Intern.

Melissa’s academic and professional journey is a testament to her unwavering passion for mental health awareness and her pursuit of excellence in counseling. Guided by an insightful and self-reflective approach to personal and professional development, Melissa consistently stands out as a student deeply committed to understanding the nuanced complexities of human emotions and relationships.

A Testament to Excellence

Under the guidance of esteemed professors at Palm Beach Atlantic University, Melissa has excelled in her coursework, particularly in Counseling Skills and Characteristics & Research and Program Development. Her dedication to mastering the art of counseling is evident in her ability to connect with others on a profound level, creating spaces of trust and understanding that are vital in therapeutic settings.

Melissa’s strengths lie in her natural ability to empathize with those she works with, her skill in building rapport, and her heartfelt compassion towards all individuals. These innate qualities, coupled with her keen interest in insightful and self-reflective practices, position her as an invaluable asset to our team and the clients we serve.


Master of Science (M.S.): Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Palm Beach Atlantic University,  May 2025

Bachelor of Science (B.S.): Political Science
Florida State University,  May 1995

Life Counseling Solutions is privileged to have Melissa join us on our mission to provide high-quality, empathetic support to those in need. Together, we continue to build a compassionate and knowledgeable team dedicated to making a difference in the world of mental health care.