When Is It Time To Get Clean And Sober?

Now is always the right time to get clean and sober!  Often times when someone starts contemplating stopping or going into treatment they will come up with a list of various reasons why they can’t.  We frequently hear things like, “I don’t have time,” “I could lose my job,” or “I won’t spend as much time with my children.”etc… The

3 Things To Consider After A Break Up

You're single now. Has it been really difficult to move on after the break up? Have you found yourself consumed with your Exe's life? Break ups are hard emotionally. No matter what kind of relationship whether it was short term or long term. Here are three tips to use quickly after the break up. #1 Don't make your ex a

Fighting the Holiday Blues

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Is it really? For many, the holiday season is a somber time where we remember loved ones lost or the scarcity and pain in our lives. Here are some ways to combat the holiday blues Reach out! As human beings we need to be with people. Making new memories is a great

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6 Signs When Your Anger is Out of Control

By: Colleen Andre, LMHC In August of 2016, Tamar Braxton was involved in a domestic dispute escalating to the point where police were involved. There is belief that the dispute led to a physical altercation, which some speculate was not a one-time incident. This is not the first occurrence where a celebrity makes news for domestic violence. We all remember the shocking footage of Baltimore Raven's

3 Ways To Break Patterns of Toxic Love

By: Janie Lacy “I'm so sick of that same old love, feels like I've blown apart — I'm so sick of that same old love, the kind that breaks your heart,” are the words from the popular Selena Gomez song titled, “Same Old Love.”  Have you ever considered your pattern in love relationships?  Have your relationships left you feeling empty,

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5 Easy Steps To A Better Relationship | Orlando Relationship Counseling

Relationship doesn’t always happen or evolve easily. Even relationships that seemed to flow easily in the beginning eventually come to a place where there has to be some intentional effort made on the part of each person involved for it to continue to work. Reality is that personality conflicts, misunderstanding, or error in communication can get in the way of

  • anxiety, stress, depression, affairs, betrayal, cutting, abuse, self-esteem, blended family, divorce, anger

5 Signs You’re in a Toxic Relationship | Orlando Relationship Counseling

Has your relationship gone bad? Do you feel like you are in an upward battle and although unhappy you don’t know if it’s time to call it quits? You may be in a toxic relationship that has spiraled out of control. It can be difficult to identify how bad things really are when you are living it but if your

The Problem With Rape | Orlando Sexual Abuse Counseling

The Problem With Rape | Orlando Sexual Abuse Counseling Yesterday, a reporter asked President Obama to make a statement about the allegations that Bill Cosby drugged and raped women.  The President declined to comment on Bill Cosby, but followed with a statement that is going to hit home with almost everyone, because it registers as obvious.  He said, “No civilized

How to Find Your Worth in Your Self & Not in Others

Many people struggle daily to build and maintain a positive self-esteem. Some struggle more than others because they have not yet developed a true sense of self. It is impossible to have self-esteem without a sense of self. How can you feel good about yourself if you don’t really even know who you are? When developing your sense of self,

How to Fight Fair in Marriage | Orlando Marriage Counseling

As the award winning songstress, Taylor Swift once sang, “It’s hard to fight when the fight ain’t fair”. Conflict itself is hard enough to manage, let alone when the cards are stacked against us. Without a clear set of rules, arguments can lead absolutely nowhere, or worse, they can send us into a downward spiral. The key is figuring out