Has your relationship gone bad? Do you feel like you are in an upward battle and although unhappy you don’t know if it’s time to call it quits? You may be in a toxic relationship that has spiraled out of control. It can be difficult to identify how bad things really are when you are living it but if your current relationship is causing you more stress and grief than happiness it’s probably time to get some help.

Here are 5 key indicators.

There is no trust.

If trust has been broken in your relationship you are most likely dealing with the unsettling feelings associated with not knowing what to believe about your partner. This as you know is frustrating and can literally drive you crazy. Regardless of what’s happened in your relationship it will be your decision to give your trust away to your partner. Perhaps they have betrayed you or you have trust issues either way if your partner is not worthy of your trust you may need to let them go.

There is verbal or physical abuse.

No relationship is perfect and most couples disagree at some point but abuse is not acceptable. If one or both of you are unable to argue respectfully then it’s time to get some help or walk away. Abusive relationships of any kind tear away at a person’s self esteem and often get out of control. Don’t let things get too far before doing something about it.

You have no life of your own.

If your worth and happiness are attached to your partner you have either lost your identity or you are controlling. Signs of this are you have no friends, no hobbies, no life of your own. You spend all your time with your partner or worried about what they are doing. Putting all your attention and energy into one person is not healthy. Figure out what makes you happy and be intentional about having a life of your own, one that will exist with or without your partner.

This relationship is ruining your life.

You don’t enjoy being with your partner. You are not growing as a couple and all you do is fight. Neither one of you can do anything right, you are unhappy and it affecting other areas of your life.

There are no boundaries.

Healthy boundaries are important in all relationships especially those that are intimate. This means that you both have choices, standards and the right to say what is and is not acceptable to you as an individual and also as a couple. Boundaries should include things like privacy, relationships with the opposite sex, family, perhaps children from prior relationships and even sexual intimacy. If you feel like anything goes in your relationship and you have no rights then you probably have no boundaries.

Nothing can steal a person’s peace like being in an unhealthy toxic relationship. If you feel like you constantly fighting and not getting anywhere in your relationship it may be time to get relationship counseling. Perhaps you need to resolve past hurts or maybe this is just a pattern for both of you. You don’t have to settle. Love yourself enough to put your foot down and change your situation. You deserve to be happy.

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Author: Veronica Concepcion