You’re single now. Has it been really difficult to move on after the break up? Have you found yourself consumed with your Exe’s life?

Break ups are hard emotionally. No matter what kind of relationship whether it was short term or long term.

Here are three tips to use quickly after the break up.

#1 Don’t make your ex a friend immediately after a break up

Being friends with your ex can be extremely confusing for one of you if not both. This type of friendship is different because it started as a physical relationship.

These “friendships” often make you stay in the past which prevents you from moving on to the right relationship you deserve. When it’s over let it go. End of story

#2 Watch out for delusions

Stalking your ex by going on their social media pages, calling their family to ask about them and their new love interest, showing up to places at times you know they are there, making excuses to call them, etc…All of these actions will keep you stuck.

If your ex has moved then it’s time for you to move on as well and not onto your ex and their new love interest.

It’s time to let your delusions go, come back to reality and live.

#3 Remember you may be single but you are NOT alone

It’s a total change from being with someone daily to being without that person at all. We are creatures of habit. Of course at the beginning of the break up it takes deliberate effort to get used to being without your ex.

Let yourself have fun discovering who you are all over again. Long-term friends can help during this time. It’s a good idea to stay in the company of positive people who love and respect you.

Get to know yourself. What makes you happy? It is time to get to a place where you love yourself whether you are in a relationship or not.

After a break up allow yourself to feel the emotions of sadness, anger, frustration and exhaustion. Trust me these will feelings will fade overtime.

Creating boundaries after the break up is a good idea. Understand that you will have good days and bad days. What’s vital is that you acknowledge your emotions instead of ignoring them.

If you find yourself in this situation talk to a trusted friend, journal, or make an appointment with a therapist. The goal is to get your negative emotions out of your head. Don’t allow hurt to keep you stuck and prevent you from moving on in your healing journey.

If you are stuck or would like help during this phase of your life please feel free to call us at Life Counseling Solutions 407.622.1770 . 

Author: Cherlette McCullough