Summers are full of activity for many families. However, they are also meant to be a time for deceleration and enjoying the little things. In a sense, a time to breath. A time to decompress in order to get recharged and invigorated for a new school year. Unfortunately, with a new school year rearing closer, many of us are feeling more overwhelmed than refreshed.

Here are 4 ways to head back to school with some energy.

1. Focus on how to simplify things.

Make a realistic list of what needs to be done. We often go along with schedules and activities that cause undue stress for no other reason than tradition or meeting someone else’s unrealistic expectations/needs. For example, reexamine your school shopping experience. Yes, buying school supplies is a must, but how you go about shopping can make a huge difference in regards to patience, time and money management. Elect to only get the essentials. You can always go back for more, if you choose, once you are back to the swing of things.

2. Don’t set yourself up to be “supermom”/”superdad”.

Many of us set ourselves up for failure before we even start by expecting ourselves to be super human. Remember you are only one person and you can only do what you can. As long as you know you are doing your best that’s enough. Causing yourself to over-stress will lead to burnout and in the long run will cause even more problems.

3. Prepare for the main event.

With school, extracurricular activities and birthday parties combined with your own adult responsibilities, life can seem “crazy”. In order to get a semblance of order, streamline the process. Compile and actively use a family schedule. Plan ahead for events such as, buying birthday presents in advance and cards in bulk, packing school bags the night before and cooking large meals on the weekend that can be eaten throughout the week.

4. Keep your eye on the trophy.

In a few years you will look back longingly at these days of chaos. Focus on the true reasons for your hard work and dedication. Enjoy the little moments and concentrate on being thankful for what you do have.

Remember at times of stress, taking care of yourself makes you a better parent and spouse!  Therefore, don’t forget to also take care of yourself by exercising, eating healthy and resting. I hope these tips help with de-stressing your back to school activities. To work more on reducing stress in your life, give me a call at Life Counseling Solutions to set up your free 30 minute Family Counseling consultation or to set up an appointment. Let’s work together getting you to happy and healthy.

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Author: Morgan Rhami