Introverts are a commonly misconstrued personality trait. And more often than not, introverts believe that being an introvert is a negative thing. I have multiple clients who, during their initial session, have expressed that they want to change the fact that they are an introvert. I, however, completely disagree. Here are some myths about the wonderful people we label introverts.

 1. Introverts have no personality.

Introverts have wonderful personalities…some of the best out there, but they are not overly outgoing or, let’s be honest, obnoxious as some extroverts can be at times. Introverts take more time to show their personality because they find comfort in well-established situations. It may be hidden under some shyness, but the personality is definitely there.

2. Introverts are boring.

Our society and media is saturated with extroverted personalities. Think of any reality show, ever. Each character featured is more than likely NOT an introvert. Why? Because introverts are boring. Wrong! Because introverts are observers. They sit back, watch, take in their surroundings, and THEN react and/or get involved. Maybe that is boring for reality TV, but that saves a lot of unnecessary drama for the real world.

3. Introverts are shy.

Not all introverts are shy. And not all shy people are introverts. Introverts thrive on alone time and refresh when in a place of solitude. Although introverts do tend to be quiet, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are shy. These are two very different things.

4. Introverts don’t like people.

Some of the best friends are introverts. While they usually do not prefer being in big groups of people, introverts are the ones who maintain close, intimate, meaningful friendships and relationships. Because they take more time to process and reflect before they act, introverts are more cautious about jumping into a friendship or a relationship.

5. Being an introvert is bad.

There is nothing wrong with being an introvert…or an extrovert! Both personalities are ones to be celebrated, but often, introverts are the ones finding themselves being negatively criticized. The sooner we all begin to understand that each personality is unique and beautiful, the sooner we can accept one another, and more importantly, ourselves.

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By: DeAnn Mccloskey