By: Zuleida Herba

Sex is an important aspect of healthy life that can be very enjoyable and stress relieving for couples in a relationship. However, some sex can turn into a nightmare for people who find that their partners are sex addicts. With the Internet providing an open door to a wide range of fantasy and deviant sexual behavior, and the great number of adults who are exploring in this way, sex addiction has been taking a heavy toll on many marriages.  Spouses of sex addicts find themselves dealing with a wide range of painful emotions and even depression. These spouses require support to navigate the complexities of being in a relationship with a sex addict.

Addiction to sex is a behavior that is identified as engaging in sexual activities or fantasies excessively. Most sex addicts do this to cope with mental stresses in their lives. These people are different from people having a high sex drive as they are never satisfied after indulging in sex and they find it extremely difficult to stop themselves from taking part in sexual activities. These addicts overreact when their partners say no to their demands and often take it as their rejection by their partners.


Most of the spouses of sex addicts have a feeling of being alone despite being in a relationship. They are also afraid of fulfilling the demands of their spouses as they know that it is a never ending series of requests. This is the reason why these spouses have a feeling of hopelessness. They start to think that it is the end of their relationship and it cannot be saved at any cost. Wives of sex addicts also develop feelings of anger against their husbands that slowly turns into hatred.

  • Tell your partner that there is a limit to what you can take from him and you will be forced to take steps to end the relationship if he does not mend his ways. Of course you need to take into account consequences of divorce or separation before telling your partner.
  • You have to understand that you cannot change his behavior on your own. He has to realize his mistake and demonstrate his sincerity for a considerable length of time.
  • There is a wealth of information on this subject on the Internet. You can go through it to understand the behavior pattern of your partner. You can also learn about the triggers that make him indulge in sexual behavior.
  • Talk to someone you can trust. Bottled up feelings of frustration and anger can lead to severe health problems.


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