It’s almost Valentine’s Day, which means love and kindness is in the air!  Do you believe that we are becoming more and more self-interested?  Presently it can appear that people care more about themselves and their priorities than for others.

I can attest to this!  Just yesterday, I was driving home when a fire truck with its lights flashing came up behind me. As my driver’s education teacher taught me to do years ago, I pulled over to the side of the road as the law requires.

However, I was aghast to see a few drivers go out of their way to get in front of the fire truck instead of pulling over! They put their desire to get ahead in traffic in front of those awaiting the help of that fire truck!

Now, I am not going to get on my soap box on how I feel about that sceniero, but I am going to say if this is a sign of the times, mommies, we need to realign our thinking!  In a society that can appear to be marked by selfishness, we need to be diligent in our efforts to make choices that not only benefit ourselves, but society and the greater good!

It is a fact: we, as women and mothers, largely raise and oversee the leaders of tomorrow. We have been charged to teach and model the behavior that we want to see in our society.  This means that we need to know that we have the right of way just like the fire truck does.

Finding our way is not always an easy task, but it is our right to receive help as mothers, wives, girlfriends, sisters and daughters. Mothers and families both function as a whole and as individual units, and research has proven that the happier and healthier a mother is, the stronger the entire family unit will be both separate and together.

As women, we need to know that whatever we are going through deserves attention, love and care. Managing our own issues in a healthy way will result in not only our happiness, but in stronger families and society as a whole.

In an effort to build a stronger society and combat selfishness, we can start small by supporting each other in our struggles.  We can not only give women the space they need to face their issues, but also seek to provide them with sincere understanding and support.

Instead of judging another’s grief, we can realize that dealing with the loss of a baby is traumatic, no matter where along the life spectrum the baby was.  We can recognize that getting pregnant can be very difficult and even impossible for many, and that the decision to keep trying, quit or adopt weighs heavily on the hearts of many facing infertility.

Instead of asking a pregnant friend how she’s feeling in a casual way, we can remember that carrying a baby can be a very long and trying haul, and stop to really listen.  We can know that giving birth is not always as straight forward or picturesque as most people think and show our support.

Instead of viewing bringing a baby home as a simple endeavor, we can understand that being responsible for a little human being, while one’s relationship dynamics are morphing and one’s control is decreasing in the household, can be a  highly stressful and life altering job.

At large, we must ensure that women understand suffering alone is not the answer and that seeking support and spending time with other women is not being self-interested but is in fact a long standing tradition in most cultures.

Seeking support, guidance and a listening ear should not be seen as a luxury, but as an act that strengthens families and society.  As a society, we need to educate ourselves more, stop ignoring women’s signs of need and instead normalize the concept of women seeking therapy and support from others.

Mommies, take this Valentine’s season and give yourself a pass to take care of yourself and get the support you need.

If any of these struggles sound familiar to you, or you recognize them in a family member, help without judgment is within reach. Call Life Counseling Solutions today to receive support and guidance at 407.622.1770 

Author: Morgan Rhami