#NewYearNewYou – Five Ways to Re-NEW Yourself in 2015!

Here we are again it’s a New Year where did the time go. As you reflect on last year what feelings come up? Would you say it was a successful year or do you have a mile long list of New Year’s resolutions? Let’s face it we all have things we want to change but often times we don’t invest enough thought or planning to be successful. For me typically New Years’ resolutions don’t last long and I’ve often struggled with letting go of the past. So how can this year be different?

Here are five ways to Make IT Happen in 2015.


           #1 Get a Vision! Most of us can’t see past today nevertheless look ahead but it’s important.  First step is to Get Clear on What You Want. What do you want to accomplish? What do you want to see change? What is holding you back? What would bring you happiness? Go deep. Once you have identified your vision write it out in detail or even better yet create a vision board. Displaying your vision will help you to deliberately generate your most desired feelings and then take actions that are inspired from those feelings. Focus on these things daily.

          #2 Change your perspective. Recently a client shared with me that they struggle with being happy. As it turns out this individual is successful, healthy, and in a satisfying relationship but yet unable to appreciate the good. As we went deeper we explored some things that need to change but then I asked in the meantime what if you spent more time focusing on what you have versus what you don’t have? They responded, “I would be in a better mood and excited to get up in the morning.” So how do we change our perspective? We do this by daily recognizing what is good in our lives. We focus on the positives versus the negatives. We are purposefully thankful. We spend more time counting our blessings versus our losses. We realize it could be worse.

          #3 Practice mindfulness. Focus on awareness; be in the moment with your present situation, feelings and thoughts. The influence of social media and technology can make it almost impossible to be in the moment. How often have we missed an opportunity to connect with a good moment or the person in front of us? It is possible that you are missing out? Make a decision to enjoy where you are right now whether it’s good or bad. Change your attitude, slow down, be present and enjoy all that you’ve been given.

         #4 Let it Go! Whatever failure you may have had in 2014 is in the past. There is nothing that you can do about it so focus on today and what is ahead. I know it sounds easier said than done but it starts with forgiving those that have hurt you and yourself for any mistakes you made. Realize that through those failures you have grown and are now wiser. Only then can you start to move towards the future leaving the negative behind. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a fresh start?

          #5 Make a Declaration. Find a word that will describe your year. For me it’s unshakeable. I refuse to let anyone or anything shake me in 2015. What is your word? Make a formal announcement and declare that this will be your best year yet. You have the power to make it happen.

I know it’s challenging to make changes particularly when you don’t know where to start. You do have the power to change your situation but it starts with your outlook and attitude. If you take steps to renew yourself you will experience more joy, peace and fulfillment in your life. I can help you work on overcoming the past so that you are able to start moving forward into a successful future.

veronicaVeronica is dedicated to working with couples wanting to restore and or enrich their relationships through Life Counseling Solutions- Orlando Community Counseling Program. She is also passionate about helping individuals learn how to cope with the loss of a relationship and successful co-parenting. Veronica longs to help individuals overcome issues of abandonment, loneliness, depression and low self-esteem. Veronica also has a heart for the elderly and personally understands the challenges that come from caring for an aging parent. She is able to help families find strength and the tools to be successful during difficult transitions.


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