3 Ways To Stay Connected This Holiday Season

By: Joann Venant

It’s no secret that the holidays can get pretty hectic.  Stress levels increase when you are trying to not go broke and staying within “budget”, figuring out what gifts to get and who to get them for, decorations, work party engagements, keeping both sides of the family happy, and so much more!  With so many things to juggle, enough to make any sane human being insane, often times we neglect our spouses and their needs end up on the back burner.  Is this you?  Well you are not alone!

Here are THREE helpful tips to keep you and your partner connected this holiday season:

holiday stress, shopping, money

First things first: STOP IT!

Sorry for yelling, but you need to just STOP IT.  Just in case you are wondering what “STOP IT” looks like, I’ll give you a couple of examples.  If you have been in the mall for over 4 hours, STOP IT, and come home.  If you and your partner have been home, not talking to each other because you’re so focused on recipes, gift planning or gift wrapping, STOP IT, and spend some time with your lover.

Second: Do things together!

This time I wasn’t yelling but I mean it just as much.  Yes, you could probably get more done if you didn’t have someone opinionating on whose getting the coffee pot that is on sale this year but you’re missing out on such valuable time together.  Just think about the memories you will have looking back on cooking together, wrapping gifts together, strolling through the mall holding hands while singing Christmas carols.  You really could make this happen TOGETHER.

Third: Create and implement just-you-two Holiday traditions.

This is where it can get fun because it can range from a weekend getaway (before or after the holidays), your own sexy stocking stuffers for his or her eyes only, romantic games, etc.  It is up to you to make this fun and memorable!  But the key to this tip is, it is just about the two of you, no one else.

Remember that it is your job to keep your partner’s needs a priority this holiday season.  Life will always get complicated and you will always have a to-do list but your relationship should never be less than number one.  Staying connected this holiday season will not only help minimize your stress levels but will also help you build lasting beautiful memories.  So don’t forget to STOP IT, get things done together, and get creative in the meantime.

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