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For many reasons, the child-parent relationship changes drastically when that child (aka YOU) becomes a teenager. You are trying to become your own person, and your parents are trying to balance out how to treat you like a somewhat adult, all the while you are still their baby!

This holiday season, give them a break and show them that you’re thankful for all that they’ve done for you, even if they haven’t been the perfect parent…chances are, you haven’t been the perfect kid!

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1. Write them a letter or make them a handmade card. I know that this sounds cheesy and kid-like, but there is nothing more that your parents want, than to know how you feel…and then to keep it to refer back to when times are hard.
2. Spend quality time with them. Maybe you can plan a day where you just hang out with mom, dad, or both! A picnic in the park, taking a stroll through the mall, or if you got some money, a nice dinner are all ways to show thoughtfulness. The point of it is to have TIME together…so taking them to a movie is a no-no.
3. Do some chores…without being asked! Moms and dads hate nagging you to clean up just as much as you hate cleaning up. Choose one day where you do any and everything you can without mom or dad asking for help. They probably won’t even know what to do with themselves! Take it one step further and do something outside of your normal chore routine: laundry, vacuuming, etc.
4. Give them some affection. When you were a little newborn baby, mom and dad got to kiss and hug you whenever they wanted. As you grew into a toddler, you would probably want cuddles from them, but then you became a teenager and I bet those hugs and kisses dwindled drastically. Make it a point to hug them when you thank them…and don’t let go until they do!
5. Let them take a break! Parents basically work 24/7. Maybe the best thing you can do is to take your younger siblings out of the house for the day, or cook and serve a nice dinner for mom and dad…and then hide out in your room for the night. Or if you got the money, send them to a spa for a massage (Groupon is great for discounts!).

Whatever you decide to do this holiday season for your parents, make it thoughtful and personal…something you know they will enjoy and benefit from and something that will truly make them feel valued! Happy Thanksgiving!

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About the Author: Deann has a passion and talent for working with adolescents. Being a High School teacher for three years gave DeAnn insight into the struggles and difficulties that teens face on a daily basis. She works with clients to discover the root issue causing anxiety, and then help them to overcome it. DeAnn has spent a lot of time specifically working with social anxiety with teens and adults.

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