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The weather is cooling down a bit, which means the holiday months are upon us.  If you are a parent like me your daily activities are ramping up on the road to overdrive.

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Four Tips To Get Through The Holidays With Some Sanity As A Parent!

1. Allow yourself to simplify things. As a parent we often go along with traditions and activities that cause more stress than joy with little to no benefit. Give yourself permission, within reason, to simplify the holidays and only participate in activities your immediate family enjoys. For instance, it is ok to decrease the amount of holiday decorating you do, but it is not ok to miss your husband’s mandatory work holiday party.

2. Make a to-do list of the activities you have now chosen to participate in. Planning is key for less stress so the more present and future checklists you can do the better. An easy first step is to make a list for each month and then separate it down to weeks and then days. Holiday traditions can make this easier if you have similar routines around certain holidays and activities. For instance, ahead of time you know you need enough Hanukkah candles for the eight nights and you will need to order and then send out holiday cards. Always check off items when completed it will make you feel more accomplished. Don’t forget to make holiday lists for yearly gift giving for family, friends and possibly teachers, mailmen, etc.

3. Schedule the items on your to-do list. Focus on the plans and holiday events you have control over, put them in your calendar and share them with your family. That will allow you to figure out what dates are still open and what activities you still want to complete, i.e., Santa photos.

4. Shop early. With the help of your to-do list and scheduling events early, you are now able to complete gift shopping earlier in the season and food shopping before the last day prior to the holiday.

Overall, remember taking care of yourself makes you a better parent and spouse! Therefore, don’t forget to also take care of yourself by exercising, eating healthy and resting during the holiday season.

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Let’s work together to getting you to happy and healthy this holiday season!