Summer break is a time when families get to slow down, enjoy quality time and relaxation by getting out of the normal rigid routine associated with school, homework, sports, etc. When “back to school” rolls around it can be tough to get back into a normal routine. Kids and parents alike often show signs of stress and anxiety as they prepare to get back to the hustle and bustle leaving them feeling deflated. Are you suffering from the end of summer blues?

Here are 5 tips to help you get on track and eliminate the unavoidable stress!

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1. Get your kids to bed early NOW. School will be starting soon so don’t wait till the Sunday before school starts to begin the early to bed routine. Kids typically need a good 10 plus hours of sleep so get them well rested this will help when early morning rolls around.

2. If you want to be ahead of the game have a plan. This means figuring out what your kids will be wearing the next day, what they are having for lunch and prepping the night before. The more you have done before you go to bed the less you have to rush around getting done in the morning. A few minutes in the evening can give you a much better start to your day.

3. Get up earlier. If you are like me it takes me a long time to get ready and adding another person just amplifies the morning rush. I have found it extremely helpful to get up at least 30-45 minutes before if I want to have a stress free morning where I am not rushing my daughter because we are both running late which usually ends with both of us in a bad mood first thing in the morning.

4. Encourage your kids – this one actually came from my 7 year old. There can be a lot anxiety associated with returning back to school so be mindful of that. Offering positive affirmation can go along way. Talk with your kids about how they are feeling about returning back to school and take the time to work through anything they may be feeling.

5. Don’t let the fun end. Just because summer has ended it doesn’t mean you can’t have any more fun! I find myself feeling a bit depressed that our relaxed schedule is coming to an end. Perhaps we can’t have the late night weekday fun but we can still fit early activities in and make it a point to enjoy the weekend. Again plan – keep it fun – keep it interesting and do the best you can.

As a new school year begins try and enjoy this season, your child will be learning new things and growing up so fast. Before you know it another school year will have gone by. The key to remaining happy even through the business of life is all in how you choose to look at things and how you decide to spend your time. Make a commitment to stay one step ahead and you will feel more accomplished.

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