I’m nomophobic…and chances are, you are too.

Nomophobia is a new disorder that is defined as “the fear of being without your smartphone.” This phobia actually affects 40% of the population. Studies show that “aside from sleep and sex, the urge to log into social networking sites is stronger than any other, including drugs and alcohol.”

How many times have you caught yourself saying, “What did I do before I had a smartphone?” or scrambling to plug your smartphone in because you cannot think of anything worse than it dying, thus not having access to “the world.” When we think about it logically, it is silly how much we depend on this technology, but when push comes to shove, leaving the phone at home, just because, is almost unheard of!

young-fashionable-woman-reading-sms-10086812Many people claim that the last thing they touch at night and the first thing they touch in the morning is their cell phone. As a married woman, this makes me sad, mostly because I am often guilty of it, but also because when I was a teen, I used to dream about how wonderful it would be to wake up next to the one you love and get a good morning and goodnight kiss every day. Now, we are more concerned about the latest posts on Instagram and Facebook, or what our calendars look like, rather than living and being in the present.

Personally, it drives my husband crazy how often I am on my phone (especially when he is driving), and vice versa when we are watching TV, but we are both trying harder to “be present” and enjoy life through our own eyes rather than through the phone screen. Life already moves and passes by too quickly and technology makes us miss it even more than before.

So, here is a challenge for myself and the other nomophobes out there: Make it a point to BE PRESENT in your every day life.

social media, selfie, textingIf you’re out to dinner with friends, or spending time with your family, put your phone down and enjoy this time that will be gone before you know it. If you’re feeling extra strong, then purposely shut your phone off or leave it in the other room for an hour or so a day. See how much you get accomplished or how much you enjoy living life rather than flipping through various apps and websites. You may surprise yourself and maybe even wean yourself away from this new disorder.

Doesn’t creating a delicious home cooked meal sound better than pinning recipes all night? Doesn’t having wine with a girl friend and catching up on life sound better than stalking Facebook to see who’s up to what? Doesn’t playing football out in the yard with your son sound more enjoyable that creating a fantasy football team? Put the phone down, be present, and enjoy life. Good luck!

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