Halloween has come and gone and now we are starting to see Christmas trees, Santa Clauses, and retailers decking the halls with sales and specials. Thanksgiving has gotten lost amongst the hustle and bustle of it all, which means one thing: The Holidays are upon us. The Holidays are a time when people enjoy Christmas parties, family gatherings and work events. ‘Tis the season to be jolly, right? Well, not for someone suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder.

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The Holidays can be one of the most stressful times of the year for someone who suffers from Social Anxiety. This may even be a time that he or she finds dreadful. Here are Six Ways to Combat Social Anxiety During the Holidays and make this season a merry one.

Six Ways to Combat Social Anxiety During the Holidays

1) Inform Yourself: Anxiety comes from the unknown: “Who will be at this party?” “What if everyone thinks I’m stupid for bringing this gift? What are we even supposed to bring?” “What time is everyone showing up?” If you ask the host these questions and get this information beforehand, it may alleviate a lot of that anxiety.

2) Stick with the least threatening situations: If you are the most comfortable at a small family gathering or an intimate dinner rather than the annual corporate Christmas party, then go to those events. You do NOT have to go to every event that you are invited to, but you DO need to remain social during the holidays. Avoidance will only fuel your social anxiety.

3) Avoid/Limit alcohol: You may think that a few glasses of wine may help calm your nerves, but often, alcohol makes the situation worse. Alcohol may impair your ability to socialize in a positive manner or it may become your coping mechanism…both are dangerous. Decide beforehand if you want to drink and how much to ensure that you’re in the right frame of mind throughout the entire event.

4) Get help from someone you trust: Going to a party alone is something that may cause anxiety in someone who doesn’t have Social Anxiety, so do not feel weak in seeking out a friend, spouse, co-worker, or a family member to go along for the ride. Knowing that someone you like and trust is with you will calm your anxiety and give you the security you may need for that night.

5) Give yourself space: Being that this time of year is so hectic; you will want to find time throughout each day or each week just for yourself. You don’t want to isolate, but rather have a time of refreshing. Thirty minutes a day or a few hours (at least one) per week will help you feel sane and ready to conquer the upcoming holidays events.

6) Seek Orlando Social Anxiety Counseling: One of the best ways to overcome Social Anxiety is by seeking out professional counseling. A counselor can help you, not only through the holiday season but also, in any social situation that may cause stress, anxiety, and worry.

If you are suffering from Social Anxiety (See Orlando Social Anxiety Counseling), then contact Life Counseling Solutions today for a Free 15-minute consultation and to schedule an appointment. Our counselors will take the steps with you towards overcoming Social Anxiety and living a fulfilling social life. Call (407) 622-1770 or email info@lifecounselingsolutions today!



About The Author: DeAnn understands hurt that others may experience throughout life and has a genuine empathy to help her clients heal and grow. She believes that everyone is capable of change. DeAnn walks alongside of her clients to help them become the healthiest person possible. Read more about her