Today’s family dynamics are much different than the family dynamics 30, 20, even 10 years ago.  In today’s society, it is very common to see blended families as a result of a remarriage or divorce, in fact one-third of all new marriages create a blended family. Blended families can be wonderful and rewarding especially when the children and the adults grow to love and accept each new member of the family, but it takes a lot of hard work to make sure everyone Orlando Blended Family Counselingin the new family is loved and accepted by all.

Children of blended families may face feelings of anxiety, jealousy, resentment, and may not understand where they fit in with the new family dynamic.  Parents are often faced with differences in parenting styles, conflict resolution, and insecurity with a spouse’s former partner, along with any custody issues.  Many of these feelings are unavoidable but can be worked through with proper counseling that allows each side the opportunity to be open and honest about their feelings.

Life Counseling Solutions offers coaching and counseling solutions for blended families as a platform to build the foundation of a strong, trusting, and loving family.  Our specially trained counselors work with families to work through differences in parenting styles, how to handle conflicts that is agreeable for both parties, and work through any difficult feelings or questions the children may have.

If you and your family are facing a breakdown in your blended family dynamic, Life Counseling Solutions is here to help you sort through your differences, provide solutions, and act as a platform for open communication that will help you build a strong, trusting, and loving family.  Call us today to schedule a family or individual session and begin your journey to creating a strong blended family dynamic today!