Healing Love Addiction Woman’s Group


The Women Redeemed Therapy Group is for women who want to address core wounds driving self-sabotaging behaviors and the need for external validation and approval. This group begins by looking at the basic needs and rights we are born with in this world. Were our needs for nurture and support met when we were growing up?

This group is a safe, nurturing environment essential for building self-worth.  We will explore what happens if we don’t get our childhood needs met and how that impacts our adult relationship patterns.  Often times when we don’t get our emotional needs met, we start to look at other relationships to fulfill those needs, which affects our self-worth and self-esteem.  We then learn to hide or protect our true self and feelings.  We become inauthentic and often can medicate the pain that it causes.

We can feel that we need other people’s love to be OK within ourselves.  We don’t see the real person, but rather, we see who we need them to be (we idealize the other person).  When they don’t turn out to meet our unrealistic expectations, we become angry and resentful.

The goal is to become in a more compassionate relationship with ourselves.  Self-love and self-worth are the foundational structures for inner wholeness.  You will work on an emotional level to restore your true worth with healthy validation and support.  This group will provide the tools to work through these issues and help create a healthy self-care plan moving forward.

This group will help you:

anxiety, stress, depression, affairs, betrayal, cutting, abuse, self-esteem, blended family, divorce, anger

Mask Art Activity Created in Group

  • Break through denial patterns
  • Identify co-existing dependencies and relapse triggers
  • Develop great self-awareness and connection to physical needs with experimental techniques
  • Create strategies to change painful and destructive behavior patterns
  • Learn choices for positive change
  • Learn how to turn a toxic relationship around to a more healthy relationship


This group meets weekly on Wednesdays evenings for twelve weeks, starting February 6th, 2019.  Discounts are available for prepayments. This group fills up quickly, so we encourage making reservations in advance by calling 407-622-1770 or emailing [email protected]. A deposit of $100 is required to hold your spot in the group, as we limit the group to 8 women.


Please call 407-622-1770 to reserve your spot in the group.

The group will have a maximum of 8 women and will be closed for twelve weeks.

Facilitator:  Janie Lacy, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, National Certified Counselor, Certified Sex Addiction Therapist and EMDR Trained. Janie is passionate about helping women break the cycle of the love addiction / love avoidant pattern that can plague relationships today.



“This group will set you on the path to a new normal. It’s worth the investment!”

” I just love Janie! So thankful for her! Janie Lacy is one of the most loving, respectful, caring, thoughtful, smart, loving therapists I know. If you are looking for someone who knows the necessary tools for a better quality of life, work with Janie!”

“Women Redeemed was truly a life-changing experience! It provided me with the environment and support to build upon the work I’ve done in my own personal journey to discovery and recovery. Most importantly, it provided me with the support, comfort and compassion of knowing that I am not alone! This has allowed me to have the courage and confidence to be authentic and the motivation and conviction that I can move past destructive patterns. Best of all, I walked away with new friends who I can turn to for support on those days when my strength starts to waiver.”

“After participating in this group I have found that I am challenged daily to be true to myself and to try not to betray myself for the sake of others. The group has empowered me and I will empower other women in my line of work with the knowledge that I gained in group. I truly believe that it wasn’t a coincidence that I met Janie. It was a divine intervention. I know that when God intervenes it’s because He wants us to heal from something that continues to either hold us back or hinder our growth. These groups made me realize that I am enough and that I do not need to look outside of myself to be complete.”

“Women Redeemed helped me to recognize the areas I needed help and gave me the tools to better myself.”

“Life changing, eye opening experience.”