How to Stop Procrastination This School Year | Teen Counseling in Orlando

August for teens is like January for adults. It’s the start of a new (school) year and a time for resolutions, vows and commitments to be made…and ultimately, to be broken. Every August, I have numerous teens sit in my office and say, “It’s going to be different this year; I am going to get good grades this time around;

Stress Reducing Your Life for Back to School | Family Counseling Orlando

Summers are full of activity for many families. However, they are also meant to be a time for deceleration and enjoying the little things. In a sense, a time to breath. A time to decompress in order to get recharged and invigorated for a new school year. Unfortunately, with a new school year rearing closer, many of us are feeling

Is Your Negative Radar on Overdrive?

How familiar do these statements sound to you? “Of course this would happen to me.” “When it rains, it pours.” “If it’s not one thing, then it’s another.” While these are very common comments to make when you’re frustrated or going through a difficult situation, it can also be comments that slowly debilitate you from positive thinking. The more we

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

One of the most ineffective things that we do as individuals is compare ourselves to those around us. It’s a trap that most people fall into daily and the outcome is almost always a negative one. Comparisons can happen pertaining to physical appearance, success status, relationally, and the list goes on and on. If you truly want to maintain a

Fatherless Epidemic | Orlando Marriage and Family Counseling

Fatherless Epidemic | Orlando Marriage and Family Counseling With Father’s Day approaching I was struck by just how “father” figures are under appreciated in our society. Think about it, do most of us actually recognize all that a father truly embodies to a child? I took this question to the source and I asked my son. I received a plethora

AP Classes Causing Teen Anxiety? | Orlando Teen Anxiety Counseling

Some of my favorite clients to work with are my “AP kids.” These are the teens that are taking advanced placement classes in high school, have a drive to get into a good college, have a passion to be successful, and always set their standards high. I love working with these types of people because they are willing to put

Signs of an Eating Disorder | Orlando Eating Disorder Counseling

Scandal star Portia de Rossi opened up to Entertainment Tonight  a few years ago about her struggle with anorexia and bulimia. The actress, now in her 40s, did not start battling these disorders as an adult, or even a teenager, but became anorexic and bulimic at the young age of 12. While it is difficult to fathom a 12-year-old struggling

Can Divorce Be Healthy For Kids? | Orlando Divorce Recovery

Divorce is not an easy process to go through but children fare better if parents can limit conflict associated with the divorce or at least minimize the child's exposure to it. Children who live in the custody of at least one well-functioning parent do better than those who are living in high stress high turmoil environments with both parents. The

How to Find Your Worth in Your Self & Not in Others

Many people struggle daily to build and maintain a positive self-esteem. Some struggle more than others because they have not yet developed a true sense of self. It is impossible to have self-esteem without a sense of self. How can you feel good about yourself if you don’t really even know who you are? When developing your sense of self,