In a world of selfies, hashtags, and tweets, social media and the pressures it brings have bombarded our lives. It is well understood by now that social media can be used to bring harm, heartache, and even “acceptance” to its users, but it is surprising how often we gain “strength” behind the screen to promote, defend and process.


The most common types of statuses and comments that we come across (or have posted ourselves) are ones like the following:

The passive aggressive, not so passive status: “I usually do not post statuses like this, but I just have to vent with how frustrated I am with…”

The vague, not so vague, post about someone, who knows that they’re the someone that the post is about: “I want to unfollow you because I see you with her, but I can’t because it’s my only connection to you.”

The posts that are fishing for compliments: “Feeling frustrated because I can’t seem to shake these last few pounds” which are usually followed by “What are you talking about?! You look amazing!”

The outright fights that people have via comments, which doesn’t need an example. We’ve all seen it!

While social media can be fun and even beneficial at times, it is important to understand when to limit yourself and your thoughts to the entire world.

Here are 4 helpful tips to keep healthy boundaries online:

#1 Do not pick fights over the Internet

When you are upset with someone social media is not the place to hash things out, even if they start the online drama. Be the bigger person, confront problems head on and, if need be, delete or “unfollow” the drama starter.

Be confident in who you are

Confidence is attractive, fishing for compliments is not. Do not worry about what others think (positive or negative) about you. Embrace yourself and your qualities and love them!

Keep personal information personal

It’s okay to be a bit mysterious, in fact, in this day and age, it’s intriguing when people do not put all of their thoughts, feelings and emotions all over the Internet. Keep your personal life personal and share those intimate feelings with those you can trust

Do not use social media as your personal therapist

Putting your thoughts out on social media opens the door for people to weigh in on your problems and give their advice, warranted or not.

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