To lead a life with no regrets, you need to leave your comfort zone behind and forge yourself as a fearless risk taker. Every single day that you wake up with air in your lungs, you still have a purpose. If you are still breathing and still alive, you are doing yourself and those around you a disservice by not living into your purpose by not giving the world or the people around you what you have to give.

Be a fearless risk taker: Take consistent action

Life is hard for two reasons: either you’re leaving your comfort zone or you’re staying in it. You get to choose your difficulty. The little things you do or don’t do every day either build your confidence or build your self-doubt. There’s a saying: “Nothing changes if nothing changes.” What that means is that no matter how badly we want things to change, they never will if we don’t take action and start making the changes. When we do what we’ve always done, we get what we’ve always gotten.

You can take all of the training, masterminds, and courses, and attend all of the summits and events. You can even read all of the suggested books, listen to all of the podcasts, or visit the BWC room on a daily basis. All of this is meaningless if you don’t put what you’ve learned into practice. This requires you to leave your safety net and be a risk taker.

Living a life with no regrets: embrace uncertainty

There are several reasons why we walk away from a challenge. Perhaps it’s a fear of discomfort or the unknown that comes with growth and change. But change is constant. Whether you create it or not, change will happen, so you need to be a risk-taker whether or not you want to. The comfort pull is so strong because we become obsessed with the “how.”

We try to plan every inch of every move, figure out every step of the way, and map out every detail of the process in an attempt to eliminate the unknown, the uncertainty, and the fear of failure. But that’s not how life works. We can’t control it. When you let the “how” overshadow the “what,” you overwhelm yourself with unknowns, uncertainties, and broken imaginations.

When you take responsibility for your thoughts, your actions, and your life, then you begin to empower yourself into action. That’s when you get your power back. The life you’re looking for – the life with no regrets – is in the work you’re avoiding.

Conclusion: Being an undaunted risk taker

Pay attention to how you introduce yourself to new people in a way that’s going to prompt them into collaboration with you based on your first impression, your energy, and the words you are using. Can you say what you do in six words or less? Your presence is your present.

The most important investment we can make is in ourselves. The champions in our lives are some of the best connections we have. Create a list of champions – people that you know you can rely on – and enroll them in your vision.

Dr. Janie Lacy, LMHC, NCC, CSAT-S is a Licensed Relationship Trauma Psychotherapist. She is also a faculty member with the International Institute of Trauma and Addiction Professionals and an entrepreneur who took her counseling business from a solo practice to a group specialty practice.  She’s the creator of Woman Redeemed, an intensive experiential group experience that uses proven therapy strategies to start women on their healing journey.