Orlando Women’s Counseling

Orlando Women’s Counseling Services with Life Counseling Solutions is a unique program in Orlando that supports teenage girls, women and mothers.  We understand that as women, we face many different challenges in our lives.  As females we are strong but sometimes need to talk to someone that can help us find real solutions to real problems. We specialize in Women’s and Maternal Wellness and are leaders in providing care for real people with real problems.

What is Women’s Wellness?

Women’s Wellness is a balanced connection between our emotional health and physical health in all areas of our lives.  Wellness doesn’t mean being an all “A student”, “Super Woman” or a “Super Mom” but coping with what is thrown our way.  Women wear many hats and often we forget to look after ourselves.  Wellness means recognizing that it’s “ok” to struggle.  It’s “ok” to ask for help. It’s “ok” not to be perfect.  You can’t do it all and you don’t need to feel guilty for asking for help.gender neutral girl

What is Maternal Wellness?

Maternal wellness is a balance between emotional and physical health pre-baby, during pregnancy and postpartum. As women, our bodies and minds adjust to different demands hormonally, physically, mentally and emotionally throughout our lives. This can affect us in our relationships, our families, careers, goals and dreams.  Orlando Women’s Counseling offers support specific to Maternal Wellness focusing on women trying to conceive, birth loss, perinatal and postpartum mood disorders, pre-pregnancy anxiety and depression and the challenges of being a mom.

Why would I want to see someone that specializes in working with women? 

Orlando Women’s Counseling addresses the therapeutic needs of adolescent girls, young women and adult women coping with anxiety, body image, self-esteem, gynecological issues, infertility, pregnancy, perinatal depression & anxiety, birth loss, post-traumatic stress and menopause. Knowing you’re seeing a counselor that is trained and understands that physical health is closely connected to our emotional health, provides you with a higher level of care.   This level of care is based on knowledge and understanding about women’s emotional health and wellness.  We use up to date research and health related information about girls and women in our practice.

Orlando Women’s Counseling provides creative, up-to-date real solutions for women. We offer individual counseling care specific to each woman’s own individual experience.




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