Do You Have A Relationship Addiction?!

Codependency also known as ‘relationship addiction’ implies a disturbed emotional state of putting the needs of your partner before you. Many women are victims of this codependency which forces them to stay in a self-defeating relationship. The reason is that they are either fearful of being left alone or feel entirely responsible to keep their partner happy. This tendency to please the partner leads to a toxic relationship which often makes a woman get attracted to even emotionally unavailable men. Here are some relevant signs of a woman getting into codependent relationship.

Signs of Codependent Relationship

  • You go beyond your limits to make your partner happy. You even avoid confronting your partner even on imperative issues just because you fear rejection.
  • Are you constantly worrying what your partner would think of you?
  • Has it become your habit to ignore your partner’s dishonesty, jealousies, and possessiveness?
  • Are you ignoring your self-care and even self respect just because of this relationship?

Well, if the answer to all the above mentioned points is yes, then you are in danger obviously.

However, by following some reliable tips, you can definitely come out of this toxic and dangerous relationship state.

Overcoming Codependency

  • If you find your present relationship to be destructive, try to look at your own behavior. You will get to see where you are wrong.
  • There is nothing wrong in being self compassionate. Remember, you are your own responsibility and you do not have to feel guilt about taking own care.
  • It is fine and healthy to take other’s help. In fact, many women have a perception that it is a sign of weakness to take help from anyone else. However, it is not so. Friendships, counseling, and even online forums can get you a perfectly healthy love relationship.

The golden rule of overcoming codependency is to find your emotional equal partner and live a life full of love and respect.

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Author: Cherlette Mccullough