The holidays can be a blissful time…yet it can also be a time of mounting pressure, stress, and high-time anxiety. Here are a few tips to survive and actually enjoy the holiday season.

#1 Delegate

You feel more pressure because there is more pressure. Everything does not have to be on your shoulders. Take a load off by delegating tasks that you are willing to release to other family members or helpers. For example, ask your spouse to pick up gifts from various stores while you are at home setting up for visitors.

#2 Limit your tasks

Be realistic with yourself and evaluate your task load. You may want to do everything on your list but is it really possible without losing your marbles or feeling highly irritable? For instance, this year you are hosting Christmas dinner. You may feel less stressed if you are not in charge of making every or almost every dish for dinner as well as setting up your house to host. Limit your to-do list!

#3 Be kind to yourself

During the holiday season, people’s level of perfectionism kicks up a notch or two. Remind yourself that everything does not have to be perfect. If you bake a batch of cookies and few come out oddly shaped…it is okay.

You do not need to throw away the whole batch and start over. People will still enjoy those cookies. Be gracious and kind to yourself. The holiday season is not ruined if you have misshaped cookies.

#4 Just say no!

Do not be disillusioned into believing you have to do everything. Saying no may be initially difficult but you will be thankful later on. Do not be guilted into tasks either! Once again, the holiday season WILL NOT be ruined, terrible, or XYZ if you decide not to do the request. Saying no does not make you a bad or mean person. You deserve a break, too. Breaks are not selfish, they are self-care.

Remember that the holiday season is supposed to be a joyous time, especially for families. High stress and pressure can not only affect you but also those around you. It can be difficult to enjoy the season when you are frequently engaged in tiffs or arguments with your loved ones because you are short or irritable from stress.

In addition, everyone in the house will be walking on eggshells around you or on consoling duty, because you are emotionally on edge. Remind yourself that investing in your own well-being is investing in your marriage/relationship, family, kids, etc. If you are undergoing less tension, your home will be more at ease as well.

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