By Mike Martinez

One of the most important things to maintain your mental health is to have a little fun! It’s sad to think about school starting just around the corner. As stores start preparing for back to school sales, here are some ways you can enjoy summer with the family without breaking the bank.

1. Go camping in your living room!

Make it like a slumber party. Throw down blankets, sheets, pillows, or perhaps have sleeping bags. If you have a spare mattress or an inflatable one you can use that too. Have a little fun! Make pillow forts! Make it a movie night. You can go as crazy as you want with this one. If you have kids they will definitely enjoy this time and so will you. If you don’t have kids, then why not do this with your significant other? It can be romantic. Go for it!

2. Go to your local splash pad.

This is a fun summer tradition that you can begin with your family and it’s free! You can google “Splash Pad” for some suggestions of some in your area. Make a picnic out of it since you’ll be at the park. Don’t forget to bring sunscreen and towels. The kids will love running through the water to cool off.

3. Also related to water activities, have fun with water in your own backyard.

Have a kiddie pool? Fill it up and have fun! If not, make some water balloons and have a battle! You can also get a Slip n’ Slide or if none of those options are available to you just turn the hose on and have fun! Running through the sprinklers also works!

4. Go to your local community pool.

It’s a great place to meet new people and it’s also free! You can also trying going to the beach if it’s not too far. Nothing says summer like spending the day at the pool or the beach.

5. Have a paint night or painting hour at home with the kids.

Keep it simple with something like watercolors. My daughter (age 2) particularly enjoys water colors. If you’re feeling more bold you can even have your kids do some finger painting! Just make sure you use washable paints or face the consequences!

Fore more ideas check out this article I found on

I hope you and your family are able to take part in some of these ideas. Family activities help to bring your family closer together, helping to strengthen your relationships with your children. If you don’t have children, feel free to do some of these activities on your own or with your significant other. Either way, you’ll have fun and get closer to whoever you’re sharing these times with making memories.

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