Are You Heartbroken On Valentine’s Day?

As Valentine’s Day approaches we are reminded to appreciate our loved ones but for some it will be a painful reminder of what they have lost and the heartbreak they are suffering.

If this Valentine’s Day you find yourself alone with no one to love you…you may be dreading V-Day. Perhaps you’ve had a recent break up and you are feeling lonely and unlovable.

I recall my first Valentine’s Day after my divorce, I wanted to crawl under a rock until the day had passed. One day you will find love again until then you can choose to love yourself.

Here are 4 ways to help yourself during this dreaded holiday:

1.  Build yourself up.

Dwelling on what you dislike about yourself will give you a negative outlook. Don’t trash talk yourself instead acknowledge your strengths and attributes and focus on that.

Right now you may not have someone in your life to tell you how wonderful you are so you need to encourage yourself. Be kind to yourself when you look in the mirror.

2.  Do what makes you feel good.

Make time each day to do something that makes you happy. Indulge in the things you enjoy and bring you peace. Stay away from anything that drains and brings you down.

Pamper yourself: take care of your mind, body and spirit. This may require you to step outside of your comfort zone but it will be worth it. Be intentional about creating a good life that is balanced.

There is nothing selfish about practicing self-care.

3.  Be generous with yourself.

We often neglect ourselves when we are down in the dumps. Practice treating yourself whenever possible. Perhaps you have settled in the past so now is the time to change that behavior.

Learn to give yourself the best so that you will expect the best in the future. You are a star –it’s time you start treating yourself like one.

4. Invest in you.

You have a great opportunity to reinvent yourself. Spend time working through your heartache and learning from your past experiences. Letting go of the past can be difficult to do on your own but will be necessary for you to move on to the next chapter in your life.

Forgive yourself and others along with seeking the tools necessary to prepare yourself for love again. Working with a therapist would be helpful.

At the end of the day people will come and go but the love you show yourself will remain. You don’t have to wait on someone else to feel loved.

Your heart may be broken but you can nurture yourself back to wholeness. This will require that you start accepting your faults and loving who you are unconditionally.

 If  the pain has become unbearable and you are ready for change than call  Life Counseling Solutions today at (407) 622- 1770 or click here to schedule an appointment! We are dedicated to support, help, and guide you through this difficult time.

Author: Veronica Concepcion