How to Maintain Your New Years Resolutions 

Well, we’re a few weeks into 2016. How are your New Year’s Resolutions holding up? Are you beginning to slack or are you going strong? Maybe you haven’t even started. Whichever position you may be in, here are some tips to ensure you keep to your goals this year and make 2016 your best year ever!

Tip 1: JUST DO IT. Yes, it sounds simple enough, and really it is. A lot of times our resolutions and goals are hampered by our own minds. We overthink and overanalyze. “But I don’t have time to (insert goal here),” or “I’m not going to invite people over because…” STOP thinking about reasons you shouldn’t. Stop thinking up excuses, no matter how good or reasonable they might be, just get up and DO IT.

Tip 2: Find your motivation and USE IT. What motivates you? If your resolution is to maintain a clean and organized home find a picture of your home when it was clean or perhaps of a clean home in a magazine. Now put it in a prominent place where you’ll see it everyday to remind you of your goal. The important thing here is to keep it in the forefront, that way it will always (or as close to always as possible) stay on your mind keeping your motivation level up.

Tip 3: Use visualization. There have been many studies that verify the powerful effects of visualization. Imagine your goal already achieved. This way you can get a taste, a sneak preview, of what it’s going to be like once you achieve your goal. This ties in to Tip 2 because this will also help motivate you to do what you have to do to realize your goal.

Tip 4: Start small / Be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Take small steps in achieving your goal. Ask yourself, “What can I do TODAY that will help me get to my goal?” Then do that. Everyday repeat that step or add a new step in addition to the first. Be patient. Good things take time. Change takes time. Don’t expect to have your goal achieved too soon because that can lead to frustration and disappointment. Just remember to take it one day at a time. That’s all we’re given!

Tip 5: Take care of yourself. You are your closest friend in this world, and sometimes your worst enemy and harshest critic. Be more of a friend to yourself. Take time for self-care and always forgive yourself. If you slack on your goal for one day or even longer, FORGIVE yourself. Don’t beat yourself up. Remember you’re human and mistakes happen. Now, don’t let this be an excuse to not do what you have to do (see tip #1), but at the same time realize that you are human and the worst you can do is be too hard on yourself. Just start over the next day, that’s all. Take the time to show yourself you care about you.

I hope these 5 tips assist you with making this year a very fulfilling one. Just remember to have fun with your goals and be persistent. Before you know it you’ll be very glad you did!

resolutionsMike has experience working with substance abuse issues, adolescents, Veterans, the elderly, and college students in individual and group settings. Mike’s goal is to assist clients in reaching their full potential by helping them explore within themselves to find their strengths. He pays special attention to building a therapeutic relationship in order to create a safe place for change and growth. Mike provides counseling services to people of many different backgrounds but specializes in helping first-time parents transition.