Have you heard the old adage that “when the cat is away the mice will play?” When children are left unsupervised it doesn’t take long for them to find, or create, a little mischief. Who can blame them?

Our brains quickly process the situation: no one’s around, this doesn’t happen too often, let’s take advantage of this opportunity and have some fun. As we grow out of childhood and even adolescence into young adulthood, not a lot changes in regards to “opportunistic situations.”

For some men, and perhaps women as well, the struggle to not view pornography while at home or throughout the week in daily routine can be a real internal struggle. Now take that same individual and send them out-of-town to work and you have a potentially hazardous situation.

Here are seven healthy tips that should help protect you when leaving the comforts of home for work in another city or country.

Tip #1

Everyone who struggles with pornography addiction or any other sexual compulsivity should have an accountability partner.

If you don’t have one, get one! If you can’t find one, I’ll be yours until you can.

Inform him or her of your work trip plans and increase the number of contacts over this period of time. This will help you to not take this trip in isolation, which can be a disaster if you’re in the hotel room all by yourself.

Tip #2

Try and book a hotel that doesn’t offer HBO type channels or offer pornographic videos. If you can’t find one simply request that the television be removed for the duration of your stay.

Nothing is more important than your sobriety. Another option is to use the company credit card or your spouse’s credit card to book the room. This will deter you from purchasing X-rated videos because it will end up on the bill!

Tip #3

If your iPad or laptop is a stumbling block to you, leave it at home. Many times a hotel will have a business office for its clients on the first floor. You can check email and stay up to date by using this service.

Tip #4

Do some web-based research to see if there is any type of 12-step meeting or support group meeting in the area. It’s always a great idea to attend a group when out of town.

Tip #5

Call home frequently. This will also help deter you from making poor decisions. Men, send your wife texts throughout the day telling her you miss her and are thinking of her.

Ladies, you are encouraged to do the same! This will keep your mind focused exactly where it needs to be.

Tip #6

Don’t drink alcohol, hang out in bars, or flirt with other women. You are already at-risk as is. Set up these healthy boundaries because you are worth it and your family is worth it.

Tip #7

Lastly, if you are able to make love to your spouse prior to going out of town this can also assist in your sobriety. Furthermore, planning a night together upon your return can also encourage sobriety throughout the trip knowing that you need to be ready once you get home!

Sexual sobriety is not a walk in the park. We must strive to foresee the stumbling block that is ahead of us so that we do not fall prey to addiction when we come upon it. I pray that your heart and mind will be open to the things that you read so that you can overcome worldly temptations and be used by God in even mightier ways!

If you or someone you know is struggling with sexual sobriety than call Life Counseling  Solutions 407-622-1770 today to start or continue your recovery.