What we often tend to forget during times like 9/11 is that tragedy also provides one, unintended service: It brings us closer together and allows us — for one fleeting moment, anyway — to feel we share common bounds in humanity.  We become more human and more focused on the things which really matter in our lives — our family, friendships, and social relationships with others just like ourselves.  The community comes together, joined in their sorrow and grief.

There are three things that most couples experience after national tragedies such as 9/11:

1.  Appreciate life after the wake-up call to seize life’s moments.

How often do we say that we want to do something, go somewhere, and make time for others?  If we are not careful, life can pass us by and we miss out on making the most of the moment.  Be sure to celebrate even the little things in life so they are not missed!

2.  Re-prioritize the important things in life (starting with important relationships).

Sometimes it is those closest to us that we take for granted and we forget to remind them and show them how much they mean to us.  Let your spouse, children and family see in real and specific ways that they matter to you and watch how you grow closer together.  On the other hand, make sure you distance yourself from those relationships that are one-sided or draining!  Use your energy instead with those where each is engaged and making a difference!

3. Celebrate differences by not sweating the small stuff which decreases conflict allowing more closeness in relationships.

Just like we celebrate those that are close to us, celebrate that everyone has their differences and this is what makes them unique and necessary!  By letting the small stuff go, it will reduce conflict and open the door for intimacy, sharing of feelings and being real with each other.

Where this can be a time of sadness, don’t miss the opportunity to evaluate what and who is important to you, slow down and show them and remember to celebrate the moment!  This could be a time of reconnection that can lead to healing and hope!  Will it take some effort?  Absolutely, but the end result is very worth it and you won’t have regrets that you missed out on life’s special moments and people.

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