Are you dating or single?  Are you also wondering what the signs are for finding your best match in a relationship?  Often time, individuals haphazardly enter the dating world without knowing what will increase the chance for long-term success in a relationship!

In starting the journey to finding that “perfect” match, it is first beneficial for individuals to allow themselves to experience singleness for a time frame before creating their online dating profile.  This can potentially put them in a better position by “wanting” a partner versus “needing” a partner.   Furthermore, if you want to find your best mate, you have to stop being involved with people that are not good fits for you.  After all, would you rather be single or settled?

Below are five signs that you are a PERFECT MATCH!

1 – You both are ready to be in relationship – Wanting a relationship is not the same as being ready for one.  You both come to the table with having handled any unfinished business that might have otherwise sabotaged your relationship – such as legal, financial, emotional baggage, kid issues or problems with former partners.

2 – You both desire a long-term relationship and you have discussed long-term goals without either one of you becoming uncomfortable or saying “we will cross that bridge when we get there.”  This does not mean that all your future goals line up, but they are things you are both comfortable with and may even grow you closer together as you share them and pursue them as a team rather than being goals that are completely incompatible.

3 – Your friends give their approval – your friends are not emotionally invested in your mate, so they can be objective and can give an outsider’s perspective.  Many people feel most nervous about introducing their new mates to their family, however even more important will be the introduction to their friends!  We did not choose our family, however, we do choose our friends and, for the most part, they reflect the person you have become, so it is pretty meaningful when we invite that person into the circle of friends.

4 – You think in “we” terms even when the going gets tough – at some point a healthy transition is “Hey, what are we doing Saturday night” versus “Hey, what are you doing Saturday night?”  It could be a potential sign that you both are traveling in different speeds if one is still only thinking in terms of “I” am doing this and “I” am doing that, versus considering their mate.

5 – You have a lot of unique things in common – What confuses people is that they think they’re a match because they have things in common that many people have in common, like favorite books or songs, so they’re fooled into thinking they’re on the same wavelength! According to many experts, the more uncommon and surprising your similarities are the better!

Remember, “perfect” is what is right for YOU! It does not mean that the other person is perfect in all they do, but each of you is willing to work together on the challenges and celebrate the victories!  As a couple, you should be similar enough to be connected but also unique enough to be necessary!

Author: Janie Lacy

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