Have you noticed this trend lately?  More women are marrying men who are less educated than they are!
But here is the real question…does it really matter if a woman has more education than her man?  Will the different levels of education impact how they get along in each other’s social circles?
Of course, there can be questions of each being secure in whom they are rather than in who brings in the most income or concerns about compatibility. Sure, there is a lot to consider when she is carrying her doctorate into the corporate world and he is happy with his high school diploma and his blue-collar job.
Bottom line, education does not have to stand in the way of love conquering all of these differences. Since this is a growing trend, let’s take a look at the reasons that women are marrying less educated men.

Less College Educated Men to Choose From:

  • Sociologists are telling us that academic and workplace strides among women are outpacing those of men in the United States and the gains are affecting whom educated women marry.

More Women Hold Advanced Degrees:

  • There is also a gender shift in the realm of education.  The Pew Research Center recently reported that Women represent nearly 60 percent of students holding advanced degrees in areas such as medicine, law, business and graduate programs.
  • Once the kids are grown, more women are looking to start a career or to fulfill the dreams they had before they started a family and they are pursuing those dreams by going back to school.

Opposite Attract:

  • Women who work 10-14 hour days in the business world do not necessarily want to come home to a man that has done the same thing because both are exhausted and there is no variety to their worlds.  She enjoys hearing about what he did as a mechanic, dog walker, etc…it can help her connect with her spouse.
  • A woman also respects a man that is willing to work hard in a tough job. It shows his character and determination, which will build trust and confidence in him and in turn, in their relationship.
As this trend continues, the key is to embrace the differences, actually celebrate them because they are what make each person in the relationship unique and special.  Because each has a different level of education, does not mean that both cannot learn from each other and bring different opinions and insight to the table.
Don’t let society put a damper on who you choose to love based on education, instead, enjoy who each of you are based on character, heart and passion that you share together.
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