Life Counseling Solutions believes in creating all levels of care for the Central Florida community and surrounding areas. We do this through our Community Counseling program which is lead by our student intern, Yaremie.

She is expected to graduate from Hodges University with her Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in December 2022.

As she begins her journey as a counselor, here at Life Counseling Solutions, Yaremie hopes to encourage her clients to find the hope, joy, and humor in life. Under the supervision of Dr. Janie Lacy, Yaremie is looking to provide services to a variety of individuals, who may be struggling to find their place in the world. Whether it be low self-esteem, identity development, anxiety, or depression, Yaremie offers a personalized approach to each of her clients.

Yaremie is passionate about taking an integrated and holistic approach; she believes in seeing the whole person, as well as having a more personal approach. This approach focuses on the person, not just their symptoms. She understands the importance of connection and she focuses on creating a safe place for her clients to feel validated and understood.

In her spare time, Yaremie loves to spend time with her family. The last twelve years, she has been a stay-at-home mother to her two children and has dedicated her time to volunteering as a PTA member at her children’s school. She also enjoys reading and listening to music and podcasts.

Yaremie chose to reenter the work force as a clinical mental health counselor because she felt that the world needed more mental health professionals to bring hope to those who may be feeling confusion about their current life situation. There are often many stigmas around mental health, and in Yaremie’s growing up, she did not get the opportunity to give a voice to her inside world, but today, as a counselor, she desires to continue to create spaces where individuals can find their voice and get the support to achieve mental health.

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