Somer (that’s “Somer” like the season) understands the pain of trauma. Years on the couch helped her to understand the impact trauma has on feelings and emotions, relationships, and everyday functioning. Sometimes it is hard to get out of bed, much less have the energy to brush your teeth. Thoughts race, often back to the traumatic event. Everywhere is a threat, you don’t know who or what to trust. Relationships with friends and family seem to fall apart. Jobs and careers seem impossible to maintain. Your mood ebbs and flows like the ocean tides. Sometimes, personality disorders evolve from years of untreated trauma, making it even more difficult to function and maintain healthy relationships. Substance abuse is often used a way of coping. Living with trauma and/or personality disorders is hard and the work to overcome them seems harder but, it is worth it!

Imagine a life that is not haunted by the reminder of your trauma, where the difficulties of relating to others due to a personality disorder are managed. Learning to accept the trauma or personality disorder as growth and finding appreciation for the underlying blessings that come from them. Accepting the trauma as a part of your history not your present and not an indicator of your future. Learning the difference between actual and perceived threats. Building healthy relationships with safe people. Living a life that is full, happy, and emotionally safe.

Somer has a heart for teens transitioning into adulthood. This can be a difficult and confusing time for anyone, especially for those who are just entering the adult world. Having an unbiased and nonjudgmental ear can make all the difference in the world. She also works with couples and families using attachment-based approaches to strengthen bonds and reconnect during times of stress.

Somer works to create a relational, safe environment where you are heard and believed. You and your story matter. Prolonged Exposure, trauma focused cognitive-behavior therapy, arts-based trauma treatment (First Aid Arts), and person-centered therapy are used to overcome the pain of trauma. Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is used to treat borderline and other personality disorders. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) help you to identify your core values and determine if your thoughts and behaviors align with them. Spiritual integration and spirituality are important aspects to your story that may be integrated into therapy if chosen. Yoga and mindfulness are used as an added layer to a holistic approach to therapy to improve your mind-body-spirit connection.

Somer graduated from Liberty University (Go Flames!) with her Master’s in Professional Counseling. She is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Community Care and Counseling – Traumatology from Liberty University. Her dissertation focuses the effects of climate change on interpersonal trauma.

Somer is married with three children. She loves cats, art and design, scuba, the Appalachian Mountains, health and wellness, and is an avid yogi. She is a certified yoga teacher in Power Yoga and provides trauma-informed yoga classes.