3 Tips to Accept your New Body after Bariatric Surgery

3 Tips to Accept your New Body after Bariatric Surgery

by: Cherlette McCullough

After under-going weight-loss surgery a lot of men and women and men struggle with accepting their new body.  After surgical weightloss Most patients struggle with the extra skin, baggy clothes, compliments their not use to hearing, insults from the naysayers etc.  All of which can cause added stress to the already difficult lift style changes. The stress can then cause sadness which can turn to into depression or addiction.  Bariatric patients often times end up back in the situation they were in prior to weight-loss surgery, because they didn’t make the efforts to heal emotionally to what may have been the cause of the weight gain.  Losing the weight is great however; holding the emotional grudges against yourself make it  hard to accept your new body.

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Here are 3 Tips to Start Accepting Your New Body:

  1. Remember Your Why. Keep in mind why you decided to have weight loss surgery. Write yourself reminders to see throughout the day.
  2. Think of yourself in a positive way. When you start having the negative thoughts; challenge yourself to recognize the pattern, stop it and replace the negative thoughts with positive thoughts/affirmations. For example, I am beautiful; I love myself and my new body. I accept the new me.
  3. Do not avoid mirrors or clothes shopping for clothing that fit. Don’t hide in the oversized clothes. Go shopping with a trusted friend or family member. Often times we aren’t able to truly see the weight loss and still try to buy the pre-surgery sizes.  Bring someone with you to help shop and make it fun again!

Overall, remind yourself daily the reasons you decided to have weight-loss surgery. Maybe it was to be in better health, live longer, feel better in a swimsuit or to finally check something off your bucket list. Having weight-loss surgery takes lots of courage and determination. Reach out for support from friends and family, or join a support group with others who know firsthand what you are going through. Compliment yourself, increase your positive self talk… Work on shifting your mindset of accepting your new body and its changes.

You deserve to enjoy this journey; you earned it.

If you are stuck or would like help during this phase of your life please feel free to call us at Life Counseling Solutions 407.622.1770 or make an appointment today!

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