Is balance even possible with all we have going on today?  What does balance even look like? It sounds good…it seems like something to shoot for but is it realistic?

Too often we find ourselves overwhelmed and many times, it is with good things in our lives: jobs, children’s activities, social events, church, trying to stay healthy, and just day-to-day responsibilities.  So if we want to have some sense of sanity and balance in our lives, we know it won’t happen on its own.

Let’s take a look at some specific ways we can start moving in that direction:

#1 Be intentional about scheduling your time or it will schedule you: use a calendar, to-do lists.

#2 Set priorities and know when to say NO!

No really is an answer and to take care of yourself, it is a great answer. Don’t feel like you have to make an excuse or justification.  Just simply state that it doesn’t work right now but maybe at another time.

#3 Look for creative ways to stay connected and have dual purpose: go to a baby workout class with sister, picnic lunch at park to have social time yet fun time for kids.

#4 Make sure you take time for YOU so you stay rested and charged up, weekly massage, pampering time, connecting with friends.  If we don’t take care of ourselves, we will have nothing to offer anyone or anything else.

#5 Marriage: share the duties so it does not become overwhelming with one having too much on their plate. Also, schedule date nights and take turns planning them so you stay connected and have fun!

#6 You can’t get back the early years of your child’s life so if you are going to error in a direction, make this a priority realizing you can do other things (school, social events, etc.) once they are a little older. Cherish this time with them.

#7 Instead of getting overwhelmed trying to plan long vacations that cost a lot, do smaller ones that will take less planning and less expensive…you will probably be able to do more and will give you a breather more often.

#8 Be real with a friend and let them look at your schedule to hold you accountable for balance, exercise, personal time, etc. You have to be willing to take their feedback.

You see! It IS possible and you can make it happen!  Where we will never be able to get busyness out of our lives, we can take back control of our schedule using solid tools and incorporate activities to keep the fun in our world!

It won’t happen if you don’t make it a priority but if you do, you will find energy, focus and more peace from living a balanced life.

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