How to Find Your Worth in Your Self & Not in Others

Many people struggle daily to build and maintain a positive self-esteem. Some struggle more than others because they have not yet developed a true sense of self. It is impossible to have self-esteem without a sense of self. How can you feel good about yourself if you don’t really even know who you are? When developing your sense of self,

How to Fight Fair in Marriage | Orlando Marriage Counseling

As the award winning songstress, Taylor Swift once sang, “It’s hard to fight when the fight ain’t fair”. Conflict itself is hard enough to manage, let alone when the cards are stacked against us. Without a clear set of rules, arguments can lead absolutely nowhere, or worse, they can send us into a downward spiral. The key is figuring out

How to Save Your Marriage: What I Learned from My Divorce

I recall times during my marriage where I would look at my single friends in envy thinking she has it so good. If I could do it all over again I would stay single. Sound familiar? You are not the first woman to think if only I could trade in my husband or have a do over. I’ve heard friends

Christian Grey vs. Christian Husband | Orlando Relationship Therapy

Christian Grey vs. Christian Husband | Orlando Relationship Therapy Well, it's everywhere. Fifty Shades of Grey (The Movie) officially comes out this Friday, the day before Valentine's Day, and everyone's abuzz about seeing the steamy "love story" come to life. It seems like people are pretty divided about whether or not this is an erotic fairy tale or a story

An Open Letter to the ‘Other Woman’: After the Affair

Dear Heart, I wish we could have this conversation at Starbucks, sipping over lattes, with no limit on time.  We could probably shut the place down.  I would want to know about you, where you came from, how you got here, and where you plan to go from this mess.  I would want to hear your pain, but also would

  • Boyfriend cuddling and respecting his girlfriend.

How Can I Get My Girlfriend To Respect Me?

George has been with his girlfriend, Heather, for over 2 years and is finding that she is more often than not disregarding his feelings, throwing tantrums, and using foul language to express herself. He has been feeling frustrated and shuts down whenever she gets into her “negative mode”. George has shared that what attracted him to Heather was her fiery

4 Tips To Communicate With Your Teen During A Divorce

Majority of my teen clients come from a divorced set of parents. Sometimes that is the reason they come into counseling in the first place and for others, it's just another facet of their life. I have seen some parents do a wonderful job of making this transition as smooth as possible, but there are a few "DO NOT do's"

10 Habits of Emotionally Healthy Families

As a young woman, I knew instinctively that I had some ground to cover if I wanted to one day live out my dream of being a part of a harmonious, happy family. My family gave me a great schooling in what not to do, but that left me very lacking and unsure about exactly what to do to one

5 Indicators That You Need Relationship Counseling

In relationships it is normal to have ups and downs; moments when you feel close and times when you feel more distant. You may have heard the saying that couples fall in and out of love, I believe this to be true. However, there comes a time when a relationship may be facing more serious issues that if not dealt

5 Reasons Women Stay | Domestic Violence

Did you know that approximately 15.5 million children are exposed to domestic violence every year; and a current or former intimate partner kills three women each day? This is more than just a statistic to my family and myself. I counsel individuals every day who are or have been in abusive/violent relationships and my family lost my eldest sister Carmen