Hurricane Anxiety | 3 Tips to Calm Down

Hurricane Anxiety | 3 Tips to Calm Down

Hurricane Anxiety|3 Tips to Calm Down


It’s a difficult day when people are panicking and lining the streets and stores to prepare for the worst. At this point, you are doing as much as possible for the unknown by securing your home, buying food or supplies, and ensuring you and your family’s safety. However, you are doing all of these things but the hurricane anxiety is not going away.  Overwhelming fear and anxiousness will not help you during this process, therefore; here are three tips to help calm your anxieties while prepping for the storm.


  1. Limit your media exposure.

    Your hurricane anxiety is increasing for a reason. Every time you turn on the news channel or check your phone for the latest storm updates, you are re-triggering your worst fears. You are basically pushing the panic button every time you tune in for the latest update. It is important to be informed but it is unhealthy to constantly trigger your anxieties. Limit the number of times you check the news so you are not overwhelming yourself. For example, restrict yourself to three media updates such as one in the morning, afternoon, and night time. You will still be informed without sky rocketing your fears every few hours.

  2. Remind yourself of positive statements.

    It is important to fill your mind with hope instead of “what ifs.” There is only so much you can do to prepare.  Fretting will not magically stop or dissipate the storm.  Therefore, you need to speak positively to yourself as well as actively prepare. Create a mantra for yourself to help you get through the next few days. For example, “I will get through today. I am scared but I am doing all that I can to prepare.” Rehearse your mantra especially in triggering situation such as walking into the 3rd store and noticing they are out of water. Ease your mind with reassurance rather than fear inducing thoughts.


  1. Soothe your tension with some leisure.

    Asking you to do something relaxing during a state of emergency might be a strange request. However, you will quickly burn out or put yourself in a state of panic if you do not unwind. Take 10 minutes, at the minimum, today to do something you enjoy. For example, after finishing your emergency shopping take 10-15 minutes to take a soothing bath. The world will not end if you take a 10-15 minute out of your day to ease your tension. Or, you can include some of your enjoyable activities in the midst of hurricane preparation. For instance, on your drive to multiple stores put on some calming or upbeat tunes to ease your nerves. Who says you have to be in a frenzy and bound so tightly during this time.


The next few days will be tough, especially with the uncertainty of the storm. You might not know what will exactly happen, but you do not have to be in distress and panic as well. If you find yourself in immense distress with heightening hurricane anxiety then it might be helpful to implement active coping skills as I have described in my blog post “Tips for Managing Anxiety” in addition to the tips previously discussed. If you are frequently experiencing worry and anxiousness and this is just another trigger for you then it might be time to seek professional assistance. Call Life Counseling Solutions at 407.622.1770 to set up an appointment or a free 15-minute consultation with me. Connect with me on Facebook or Instagram for more tips, encouragement, and posts.



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