By: Colleen Andre, LMHC

According to the national institute of mental, the most common mental health disorder faced by Americans is anxiety disorders. Women are 50% more likely than men to experience anxiety. At this point, you might be asking yourself: what is anxiety really? Anxiety is a feeling of excessive fear and worry. It is normal for everyone to have a feeling of anxiousness at some point, but anxiety becomes a problem when it is all consuming.

Here are 4 quick questions to determine if anxiety is becoming a problem in your life:

#1 Do I always feel on edge?

When you fall asleep at night is it difficult to turn off? Instead of sleeping, do you have racing thoughts about all your worries and fears about that day and the next day? You pray and hope that sleep will eventually overcome your worries.

#2 Do I worry constantly about everyday tasks, big and small?

You start panicking or worrying about a small task such as arriving at an appointment on time. A big task that you worry about can be an important meeting. You start feeling anxious and nervous thinking about the meeting, and you keep thinking about it over and over again.

#3 Am I experiencing more or new physical discomforts?

The mind is very powerful. You can have nothing physiologically wrong with you according to doctors or blood work, but you still feel pain. For example, you have frequent chest pains, difficulty breathing, stomach issues, or headaches. The list goes on and on.

#4 Do these worries and fears prevent me from living a full and happy life?

It is hard for you to relax and enjoy time with family/friends because of your worries. You have a difficult time concentrating at work, instead, you are consumed by fears of being judged or making a mistake.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be struggling with anxiety. You do not have to face anxiety alone. Call today at 407- 622-1770 for a free 15-minute consultation or book your first appointment with me here. 

Colleen , anxiety, panic attackAbout Colleen: Colleen values the importance of a comfortable and non-judgmental atmosphere. At the heart of her work, she seeks to create a safe environment in which clients can feel at ease while working through life’s difficulties. Her specialty is working with women and adolescents struggling with anger management, trauma, and anxiety. She also enjoys assisting those facing multicultural or racial issues. Ultimately, her goal is to help clients uncover the source of their distress so that they can begin to heal. See Colleen’s full bio.

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