Are you asking if your girlfriend is still into you or not?  If you have to ask…she’s probably on her way out. When a woman is serious and ready to be in a committed relationship, 9 times out of 10, she’ll be sure to make it known.

She wouldn’t want you to be looking elsewhere. Trust me, woman can be just as territorial as men. An interested woman will look forward to your texts, will love to hear your voice, enjoys your sweet touch, and flirts openly…. Key word here is: interested.


If you still don’t know if she’s checked out, here are some signs your girlfriend is losing interest in you:

 Communication has taken a wide left.

Has your texting or phone chats changed? If she is responding with less enthusiasm, taking much longer to get back to you, keeping it shorter than usual or not answering till the following day then she might be losing interest.

This isn’t always the case because of course we have “off” days or busy days, but if she’s been pretty consistent in the past and her usual pattern begins to change then maybe her feelings are changing as well.

She’s all of a sudden to busy for you.

When a woman is into you, you best believe she wants to be around you. Again, life can get in the way and things can come up, but when you like someone you make time for them one way or another. And if she’s really that busy all of a sudden she will make sure to reassure you that she misses you and wants to see you soon.

Her body language isn’t quite the same.

If you’re her main squeeze, she’s going to show you with a flirty touch, sweet smile, laugh at your corny jokes, play with her hair, and touch you spontaneously. When she starts to lean away from you, stands father apart facing the opposite direction, lets go of your hand sooner than usual, and doesn’t seem so into cuddling then she’s more than likely losing interest.

She’s more negative.

A happy woman is a positive woman. If she is remaining optimistic, understanding, and cheerful she’s probably still into you and wanting to keep your attention.

The moment she starts sweating the small stuff, nagging, not finding you funny, and maybe even showing some sarcasm then she’s probably caring way less about the relationship and what you think of her. Women know that men hate a Negative Nancy.

I know it is hard to feel insecure about your relationship. You want to know that your lady reciprocates your same interest and is all about you. And the good news here is if she appreciates and values you as a man and partner she will let you know. Sometimes if they are pulling away, treating you as less than, and changing for the worst, then it is best to let them go.

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Author: Joann Venant