Life Unscripted Podast

Let’s face it, we were all born into life with scripts, labels, expectations, and set road maps but many just like we did, once upon a time ended up feeling unfulfilled. There had to be more just merely existing. More than routine, more than living in a box, to drive a box, to sitting in a box, to going home just to turn on

a box and stare at a box. You get the point.

Life unscripted podcast will bring to you how to break out of self limiting beliefs deeply programmed, help you face your “fears” and feeling of being stuck, and break those scripts you’ve created or  have been created for you.

Our guests are some of the most influential and iconic in the world  in their fields who broke their own “scripts” and will bring tremendous value to your life!

Join one of America’s favorite multiple award winning Psychotherapist, Janie Lacy along with the unstoppable force, transformational mentor, multiple award winning thought leader, speaker and international best seller Melody Garcia  with an unforgettable podcast .. with you at the heart of it all.


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#1) 8 Ways To Happiness With Dr. Marissa Pei: Aired August 7th, 2018

Dr. Marissa PEi, whose own podcast show titled “Take my advise, I’m not following it” has 140 MILLION downloads. Dr. Pei has a heart to heart conversation with Janie and Melody on her unscripted her life. She talks about the voices in the past, the cultural restraints she had to break through, shaming she experienced, and how she attained her own “celebrity” status by finding herself among the A-listers.