Who needs Anger Management Counseling?

Has your anger ever taken you somewhere you regretted?  Have you ever said something in your anger you wish you could take back?  Have you ever hurt anyone as a reaction of your anger – physically or emotionally? 

The likelihood we can identify with at least one of these is pretty high!   Let’s fact it… Anger is a part of life.  We all experience anger in our lives at some point. The question we need to ask ourselves is whether this has become a habit.  It is important to know that we do have a choice when it comes to anger. What matters is HOW we deal with it.

What is Orlando Anger Management Counseling & What Can I Expect?

We provide anger management techniques that help you deal with your feelings of rage and resentment. You won’t be anger-free, but you will learn how to control your responses in a positive way.

Our counselors help you control anger by providing techniques that enable you to:

  • Identify situations that are likely to set you off and respond in nonaggressive ways before you get mad
  • Learn specific skills to use in situations likely to trigger your anger
  • Recognize when you aren’t thinking logically about a situation, and correct your thinking
  • Calm yourself down when you begin to feel upset
  • Express your feelings and needs assertively (but not aggressively) in situations that make you feel angry
  • Focus on problem solving in frustrating situations — instead of using energy to be angry, you’ll learn how to redirect your energy to resolve the situation
  • Communicate effectively to defuse anger and resolve conflicts

Article Tips and Resources

Are you still wondering if anger is becoming a bigger issue in your life? Or, you want help on how to reduce your anger and have better communication. Check out the articles below from our expert anger management counselors.

Orlando Anger Management Therapy

At Life Counseling Solutions, we are here to help set you free from the rage-within. We understand and believe you are much more than your anger. You just need the tools to help get you there. As a way to help our community, we provide group anger management workshops as well as individual counseling services with our anger management specialist Mike Martinez.

anxiety, stress, depression, affairs, betrayal, cutting, abuse, self-esteem, blended family, divorce, angerMichael’s goal is to assist clients in reaching their full potential by helping them explore within themselves to find their strengths. He pays special attention to building a therapeutic relationship in order to create a safe place for change and growth. Michael provides counseling services to people of many different backgrounds but specializes in helping men with anger management struggles. Continue reading here.


8 -Hour Anger Management Workshop

The Goal of the Orlando Anger Management Workshop?

The goal is not to be “anger free.” Instead, it is to teach individuals how to control and understand their responses.

  • Rage-Understanding the Monster Within
  • Why We All Struggle with Anger
  • Turning Harmful Anger to Helpful Anger
  • How To Resolve Conflict Constructively
  • Learning How to Stop Stress Before it Starts


Orlando Adult 8 Hour Anger Management Workshop

  • “Thank you! The class helped remind me of what I am capable of!”
  • “Seemed very relationship oriented, though the information can be applied elsewhere in life as well.”
  • “I came here on a Court Order dreading it, but I really loved it and got a lot out of it and would recommend coming back to all my friends! Thank you for your intelligence!”
  • I thought it was great. Very relaxed atmosphere- love that Janie shared her story.”

The workshop is court ordered approved and certificates are provided at the end. Visit here for more information or to register.

If any of the information above connects with you and you want to be free from the rage within then call 407-622-1770  or visit here to schedule an appointment.