Orlando Adult Disordered Eating Counseling

Disordered eating is characterized by a preoccupation with, or distorted attitude about food and/ or body shape and size.  Often, underneath such thoughts and behaviors are emotional and relational wounds shaping beliefs about self, others and the world.

Signs and Symptoms of Disordered Eating

  • Preoccupation with food and/or body image – Do thoughts about what you will or will not eat consume your day?  Do exercise and eating routines take priority over time with family and friends?  When you are invited to a social engagement, do you worry about how to navigate the food options or how others will judge your body?  Do you categorize foods as “good” or “bad?”
  • Self-worth is determined by how you manage food and/or the size and shape of your body – Are you overly concerned with cultural stipulations regarding weight? Do you prefer to eat in secret to avoid being “judged?”  Does eating fill you with shame? Are your days filled with a continual sense of shame? Do you feel as though you are unworthy of love?
  • Food is used to meet emotional needs – Do painful emotional and/or relational issues trigger you to overeat, restrict your food or binge and purge?  Do you prefer to eat in secret because eating makes you “feel better?”  Do you eat/exercise/restrict your food to punish yourself or others?  Does it seem easier to eat/restrict/exercise than to deal with conflict or pain?  Do you use your behaviors around food to protect yourself?
  • You often feel disconnected from life – Do you find yourself “going through the motions” feeling as though you are in a fog?  Do you feel detached from the people and events around you?  Do you find yourself being “all things to all people” because you have no core sense of who you really are?


Who Needs Orlando Disordered Eating Counseling?

If you or someone you love suffers from any of the above symptoms, Orlando Disordered Eating Counseling can help you develop an increased sense of self-worth and a healthier relationship with food.

How Can You Get Started?

Your Orlando counselor understands the internal battles associated with Disordered Eating.  Call 407-622-1770 today.  Begin your journey toward freedom and recovery.