Take Back Your Power l Alcohol & Drug Abuse l Trauma l Orlando Therapy Group

Alcohol Drug Abuse Therapy Group

Take Back Your Power l Alcohol & Drug Abuse l Trauma l Orlando Therapy Group

Recovering from Distressful Emotional Symptoms & Addiction Women’s Group

What: This alcohol-drug-abuse-therapy-group is a research supported group was created to help women who are coping with emotional health symptoms from: unhealthy relationships, anxiety, depression, or past abuse/traumatic experiences. In conjunction with addressing distressful emotions the group focuses on specific strategies to help individuals sustain long-term recovery from alcohol abuse and addiction. This group does not delve into the traumatic events because it addresses the symptoms directly associated. We also learn and practice new coping techniques that have been proven to help individuals abstain from using substances. When learning these new strategies we have seen many women learn how to effectively cope with uncomfortable emotions. This program was originally developed by SAMSHA because over 80% of individuals that use alcohol or other drugs have experienced trauma, abuse, or neglect in the past.

Alcohol Drug Abuse Therapy Group

Topics include:

  • Developing healthy relationships
  • Identifying warning signs for relapse
  • Practicing how to ask for help and say no
  • Learning new skills that address symptoms from trauma/anxiety/depression
  • Developing new coping techniques
  • Learning self-nurturance
  • Healing from anger

When: This alcohol drug abuse therapy group meets weekly on Thursday evenings starting Thursday, July 27th 6:30 pm – 8:30pm. The investment to be a part of this life changing group is $40 for each session for twelve weeks. This group fills up quickly, so we encourage making reservations in advance by July 20th by calling 407-622-1770 or emailing info@LifeCounselingSolutions.com. A deposit of $100 is required to hold your spot in the group, as we limit the group to 10 women.

Where: This alcohol drug abuse therapy group will meet at Life Counseling Solutions, 670 N Orlando Ave, suite 103, Maitland, Florida 32751

What “Take Back Your Power” is all about and why it was created. 

Jessica at Life Counseling Solutions is really invested in this group for so many reasons, not just because it is an incredible experience to help women find their inner power, but also because of all the research that supports it.  This group was created because a very large number of people that abuse alcohol or other drugs have some distressful emotional symptoms that make it hard to function or create healthy feelings of belongingness and love in their relationships.  Over 60% of women that use alcohol or drugs have been through some type of abuse (physical or emotional), trauma (witnessed traumatic event, loss of a child, car accident, etc), neglect, or toxic relationship in the past.   When we try to stop drinking, these emotional health symptoms (depression, anxiety) become worse.  This group focuses on addressing both abstinence and emotional health – it truly supports recovery.  Furthermore, we support abstinence because research shows that women who drink or use are more vulnerable to becoming a victim of repeated traumas.  These are risky situations such as drinking and driving, leading to serious accidents, or even drug deals gone wrong.

The principles of this group specifically enable personal growth through several steps.   The first one is developing a sense of safety – discontinuing substance use, reducing destructive or suicidal thoughts, minimizing risk to HIV, letting go of dangerous relationships, and gaining control over extreme symptoms.  Many times, when individuals have experienced abuse in the past they tend to abuse themselves.  They literally do destructive behaviors that can be harmful, being with someone who is abusive, or end up becoming the abuser – whether physically or emotionally.  We discuss the other steps as we get further into the group.

Some Focused Topics We Will Focus On

–       Setting Boundaries in Relationships

–       Safety

–       PTSD: Taking Back Your Power

–       Detaching from Emotional Pain

–       Asking for Help

Please call 407-622-1770 to reserve your spot in the group.

The group will have a maximum of 10 women and will be closed for twelve weeks.

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Facilitator: Jessica Lipsey, MSW, RCSWI. Jessica strives to help empower people to make decisions that bring them a sense of joy and accomplishment in life. As a person in long-term recovery, she is passionate about helping people who are struggling with alcohol and other drug problems. One of her specialties is working with people who have been through addiction and trauma. She uses special techniques and evidence-based practices to reduce symptoms that exacerbate addiction and prevent relapse. Jessica also provides substance abuse evaluations and psychosocial assessments. Read More About Jessica Here