As a new Dad you may have discovered you don’t have as much time as you did before. Not as much time for watching your favorite TV programs, hanging out with friends, or spending alone time with your loved one.

Here are a 3 ways to help you cope with your lack of downtime and what you can do to find some time.

1. Acceptance.

Yup, you have to face the reality: you just won’t have the time to watch your favorite program at the time that it starts. I used to sit down to watch some of my favorite shows and just then, the baby would start crying. There goes that idea! I found that once I accepted the fact that there will be interruptions and less time I was better able to cope with the situation when it came up. Don’t get frustrated! You have to do what you have to do and that’s it! If it’s available to you, you can also use tv recording devices to record your shows to watch later, but for me that wasn’t an option. Either way, you have to accept the facts.

2. Embrace nap time!

There will be times, though they may seem few and far between, that baby will nap. Take advantage of those times to do things you want to do! Some say sleep when the baby sleeps. Sleep is important too, so if you must sleep you should, but you can also use that time to finally change those lightbulbs you were supposed to change. Or watch a few minutes (at least a few minutes!) of your favorite show, it’s better than nothing. So take advantage of those nap times! (This article was actually written during nap time at my house, See!? it works!

3. Remember the importance of what is now occupying your free time.

You are caring for your brand new bundle of joy. This baby needs you, there’s no doubt about that. If you really think about it, what’s more important? Your favorite show or your own flesh and blood, the newest member of your family? This is your time to be everything for your little one. Take advantage of the time! Go change that diaper or go rock that baby, whatever baby needs. It’s not only your duty, it’s your privilege!

Keeping these three in mind will help you better cope with the fact that your free time will be limited. But you know what? It does get better! As baby gets a little older, you’ll see baby get into a schedule. You’ll soon learn the times you can do things and the times you cannot do things. Also, relating to time, your baby will grow up! So rest assured, you’ll have plenty of free time to catch up on those hobbies, tv shows, and other activities that you feel you might be missing out on. Hang in there!

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