In this fast-paced world of work demands, running errands, and social media noise, it can be difficult to find the time to bond with your child. It’s important you make the time for some one-on-one bonding with your child. Bonding is beneficial for your child’s development and it also helps you!

Here are a 4 ways to bond with your child:

#1 Take them on some of those errands.

When you take your child on errands with you it tells them they matter to you. It shows them that you actually want to spend time with them. They are also captivated by you and how you interact with your environment. This may be the quickest and most effective way to spend some time bonding with your child.

#2 Engage them in some of their own activities.

For example, if you see your child quietly coloring or drawing on their own, take a seat beside them and join them. Just like number one above, this shows them that you want to spend some time with them. It also shows them that you are interested in what they are doing and this makes them feel good.

#3 Set a date and time to go somewhere they like or have never been to.

Take them to the park, a museum, or the zoo. Make it some place where you both can have a good time. As you both enjoy each other’s company you will see your relationship grow and improve.

#4 Teach them something new.

Perhaps you have a particular skill and can pass some of that knowledge on to them. Take the time and teach them. This may take some patience as perhaps they may not be interested at first. Just relax and be patient. If all else fails then you can try to teach them something different. You can also teach them a new way of doing something they already know how to do. Be creative!

For Moms there are very physical ways to bond that occur even before your baby is born. Once the baby is born, maternal bonding continues with nursing and close proximity. For Dads it doesn’t come as easily or as naturally. I hope these 4 ways help you bond with your child. It takes time and effort on your part but the results will make a difference that lasts a lifetime!

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Michael_croppedMichael has experience working with substance abuse issues, adolescents, Veterans, the elderly, and college students in individual and group settings. Michael’s goal is to assist clients in reaching their full potential by helping them explore within themselves to find their strengths. He pays special attention to building a therapeutic relationship in order to create a safe place for change and growth. Michael provides counseling services to people of many different backgrounds but specializes in helping first-time parents transition.