Orlando Addiction and Trauma Counseling |Meet Jessica Candelaria Lipsey

Have you said to yourself I cannot drink again and then repeatedly finding yourself picking up and it getting out of control? Do you feel a constant sense of guilt or remorse because of things you did while you were drinking? Are you having a hard time keeping your relationships intact – personal, work, and family – because of your drinking/using?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are ready to take an honest step in a new direction. As a person in long-term recovery, Jessica is passionate about helping people who are struggling with alcohol and other drug problems.  Her specialty is working with addiction and co-occurring disorders (previously referred to as dual diagnosis).  Co-occurring disorders are symptoms that often coincide with addiction and include depression, anxiety, PTSD, mood, and personality disorders.  According to research, individuals who work on these comorbid symptoms are more likely to achieve long term sobriety versus those that only work on the addiction. Jessica uses special techniques and evidence-based practices to reduce symptoms that exacerbate addiction, change negative thinking patterns, and prevent relapse.  Additionally, Jessica provides substance abuse evaluations and psychosocial assessments for various attorneys, psychiatrists, physicians, probation officers and more.

Therapeutic Approach 

jl-small-headshot-2Jessica strives to help empower people to make decisions that bring them a sense of joy and accomplishment in life.  Coming to counseling takes courage and vulnerability.  With pain comes growth and Jessica offers unconditional support and care for her clients during very challenging times.  Many people coming to therapy are in search of fulfillment, connection, and peace of mind. Through dedication and willingness these feelings are possible for anyone.

In counseling, Jessica uses unique techniques to help individuals achieve their greatest capability.   One major component to her counseling approach is identifying negative messages that are affecting an individual’s thoughts, feelings, and core beliefs.  Many times these core beliefs and emotions come from unmet basic needs – support, place, nurturance, protection, and limit setting.  In therapy, we acknowledge those specific needs and we use mindfulness, symbolism, and various strategies to work towards resolution and healing. Jessica aims to meet clients where they are at and respects wherever they feel comfortable in their growth. She encourages them to have complete control over their therapeutic experience.


Jessica has worked in the mental health field for over 7 years.  Most of her experience has been with individuals with addictions and co-occurring disorders, and severe mental illness.  She has been employed by various inpatient, residential, hospital, and outpatient settings.  Furthermore, she has worked with individuals, families, groups, adolescents, and children. Currently, she is an active committee member on the Heroin Task Force through the Orange County Drug Free Coalition and she’s being trained in Pesso Boyden Systems Psychomotor Therapy (a specialized therapy that’s widespread in Europe).

When she’s not working, she’s spending time with her daughter, husband, and silly Weimaraner.  She is super passionate about nutrition and recovery in the community.


Jessica earned a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida, and a Masters of Science Degree in Clinical Social Work from University of Central Florida. Presently, Jessica is a pre-licensed clinical social worker with the State of Florida, which means she has graduated with a masters of social work degree and completed over 600 hours of clinical client hours while in the master’s program.  She is receiving additional training to become certified in Pesso Boyden Systems Psychomotor Therapy (a specialized effective therapy that’s widespread in Europe).

Substance Abuse Evaluations

Jessica provides substance abuse evaluations for anyone requesting one including those who are involved in various types of court cases or parents concerned that their teenager has a drug or alcohol problem. With an evaluation, the client will receive a clear understanding on whether or not they have an addiction to alcohol or other drugs.  Once a thorough assessment is completed then the therapist and family work together to decide what is the best route to take.

Jessica recommends the least restrictive form of treatment possible.  She directly provides outpatient and intensive outpatient services.  She works closely with numerous residential programs in the community and connect clients with inpatient services as needed.

 If you would like to explore working with me please call (407) 622- 1770, or email me at Jessica@LifeCounselingSolutions.com. I look forward to hearing from you! 

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